The Best Man

The Best ManThe FIRST Wilde S Book Go Back To Where It All BeganJon Beatty Thought He D Found The Best Man For Him Until Craig Walked Out To Add Insult To Injury, Craig S Got A New Lover A Woman And Wants Jon To Be A Different Kind Of Best Man At His Wedding.Reasoning That The Only Way To Get Over One Man Is To Get Under Another, Jon Heads Out To Wilde S, The Night Club On Capitol Hill Famous For Its Hot Clientele And Hotter Bartenders Jon Just Wants To Get Drunk And Get Laid, And Bartender Liam Sable Is Than Willing To Help With Both.Their One Night Stand Turns Into A Rebound Fling, But As Jon Moves On With Liam, Craig Starts Having Second Thoughts About The Break Up His Tiresome Antics Are The Least Of Jon And Liam S Worries, Though The Least Annoying, And The Least Dangerous NOTE This Book Was Previously Published. 4.5 Stars I think I can count on one hand the number of freebies I ve a actually read and b actually liked This one was a winner I should never doubt LA Witt A lot of reviews said this one had too much sex I think it was so that the sex may have been a bit repetitive They often made the same moans and groans and said the same oh gods and yes, and harder but hey, it was still HOT Liam and Jon were great I loved their banter Most of the drama and conflict in this one centered around their exes Liam isn t quite as forthcoming about his past relationship That part of the story line was a little weak for me Still, it didn t really take away from the story too much But it is my main reason for not rounding up Overall, this was a good one I would definitely recommend I really enjoyed this one It was a pretty light read considering some of the darker things that took place near the end But still enjoyable and I loved Liam and Jon together They were a steamy pair The chemistry was off the charts and the sex was HOT Both of their ex s are complete douche canoes and I hated them both Liam s so for reasons I won t spoil for the ones who haven t read this The book is low on the angst and was exactly the type of read I was wanting It s always a joy to actually read a book and get what you wanted out of it I definitely recommend this one You know sometimes I am skeptical about the freebies I think maybe they re free for a reason and are probably I m happy to say Just because it s free doesn t mean it ll necessarily suck This book way surpassed my expectations Jon and Liam were great together What I loved It was sweet It was witty Very steamy these two men were insatiable Nice story flowWhat I didn t love view spoiler The psycho ex hide spoiler Enjoyable story I liked Jon and Liam as a couple and enjoyed watching Jon finally get over his ex Craig who is quite self absorbed and becomes less likable every time he opens his mouth Liam also has an ex, but that is a whole different set of problems Both men were very different when they were with their exes and are cautious entering into the relationship, trying to keep it casual I agree with other reviews that the sex became a bit repetitive, although Liam and Jon were hot together Outside of that, it was an entertaining story that hooked me right in the first chapter. Free on Jan 17 2015 Great start to this series There s some seriously douchey behaviour in this one as both MCs have truly horrible exes but thankfully all turns out well in the end.I loved Jon and Liam and, while they both seemed to me to be younger in my head than their stated ages, they had a wonderful dynamic together.The sex is scorching hot as I d expect and, while there s a fair bit of it in a relatively short novella, none of it felt out of place.It also has a super sweet epilogue. 4.5 Stars i skipped, how about most of the book this book was all about sex sleep waking up and fucking all over againthis book isn t even one star for me, and what made worst was that vulnerable feeling of paranoia, my heart pounding as I wondered how long I d been in how much danger seriously the man is telling you about his boyfriend abusing him and hurting him, and that he left you to protect you from his fucking ex and that what you first think about the 2 stars are in favor of the Liam s story and character i loved the man and i loved his fear from his crazy boyfriend, and i loved his weakness and also his sacrifice i loved that he admitted that he was scared i wanted to read mm about a physically abused character by a boyfriend of his, and i now didi don t think i had enough from the idea it seemed unsatisfied and blurred.the beginning is promising middle oh most of it un read the end was goodi think i am not getting along with this author, I ve been reading The Given The Taken and honestly i took a break which means i don t want to continue reading it cause it wasn t good for a great story and i hated one of the characters i am sorry to say i kinda of ready to give up on reading anything by this author. Freebie on Jan 17, 20153,5 stars.First I didn t realize I read this one before but after a while the storyline looked familiar.The Best Man is the first book of the Wilde s books The following books 4 so far are part of The Distance Between Us series, I have no idea why The Best Man isn t It s is about Jon, who still pines after his ex boyfriend Craig and Wilde s bartender Liam But not only Jon has issues with his ex Liam has dangerous secrets, too.The guys fall for each other, and of course all of their ex boyfriend drama is getting in the way of their beginning romance.Apart from far too many very exaggerated sex scenes seriously, can you imagine two grown up men in their late thirties fuck like rabbits all the damn time it was an okay read. Jon was ditched six months earlier To make matters worse, his ex, Craig, immediately started a committed relationship with a woman For some reason, duh, she does not like that Jon and Craig are still friends The fact that Jon still wants Craig does not help Now Craig is going to marry Rebecca and wants Jon to be his best man He tells Jon to go out and have fun instead of sitting around missing him Jon laments the joys of being with a bisexual man I wondered if the girlfriend before me had felt the same way when she d found out about us.Jon takes Craig s advice and goes to Wilde s, a high brow gay club but still offering the important amenities of a gay bar hook ups On the prowl Christ, I don t even know what I m looking for.A knot twisted in my gut as I headed for the bar for a little courage on the rocks It was entirely too soon to even think about a relationship, so if I met anyone tonight, it was either casual sex or friendship Glancing around at the guys getting close on the dance floor and even closer in booths, friendship was pretty much off the menu in a place like this.This story is told from Jon s POV We are in his head He meets Liam, the bar manager and bartender Signing, I turned back around to face the bar, and my breath caught in my throat.Leaning casually against the counter below the top shelf bottles was a different bartender Even the club s dim light didn t detract from his striking, pale green eyes, and I couldn t look away from him if I wanted to He didn t seem to mind the fact that I was staring, though After all, he was looking right at me.When I could finally look somewhere other than his eyes, I wasn t disappointed.And they were hot together I loved them both Liam had a recent breakup of a long term relationship also He was not looking for a relationship, just sex There was an excuse for a mystery but it was not much of one Craig was an as e His girlfriend threatened by the wrong thing Jon and Liam didn t talk much but there was certainly plenty of sex Jon through L A Witt gave the best explanation of why hetro women love to read MM stories Grasping the front of my shirt, he pulled me down onto the bed on top of him For the longest time, we just kissed, making out like I hadn t done in years We made a few feeble attempts to loosen and remove clothing, but didn t get very far What we both wanted was simple, but clothing was colicated, so we didn t bother.I had never been wanted like this This was pure, hot, primal lust No emotional bullshit to tangle things up and make things complicated No mind games No trying to use sex to communicate something deeper or find some connection that went beyond physical Just two men who wanted to fuck Nothing Nothing less.At her worse, L A Witt is wonderful At her best, she is mind bending wonderful This is neither, but still a good read.