Hers to Command (The Billionaires Toy)

Hers to Command (The Billionaires Toy) After Alessandra Costa Buys Him For The Night In A Charity Auction, Jake Immediately Wishes To Spend Another Night With Her The Mysterious Billionaire Alessandra Has Made A Success For Herself By Remaining Distant From Entangling Relationships, But Something About Idealistic Jake Harris Strikes Her When She Agrees To Spend Another Night With Him If He Passes Her Test, Jake Immediately Agrees, But Will Jake Be Prepared For What Alessandra Has In Store For Him Can He Learn To Submit Completely And Obey Her Every Command Includes Bdsm, Wax Play, Face Sitting, And Orgasm Denial In This 8,500 Word Standalone Sequel To Hers To Bid The Billionaire S Toy.Warning This Sizzling Erotic Romance Contains Explicit Sex.EXCERPT When Will I See You Again Jake Said In A Rush Before He Could Think Of A Eloquent Way To Say It Inwardly, He Cringed Some Of His Friends Knew All The Perfect Words To Say To Make Every Woman Positively Melt In Their Hands Jake Himself Had Never Considered Himself Very Smooth And Preferred To Keep To Himself To His Studies And Charitable Works With Alessandra, He Found Himself Wishing And That He Had A Little Experience Still, He Suspected That Even Had He Known The Correct Words To Say, Alessandra Wasn T The Melting Type.The Tiny Smile On Her Face Vanished Alessandra S Lip Rolled Out To A Small Pout As If She Observed A Small Puppy Do Something Both Incredibly Stupid And Adorable Jake Bit His Lip To Keep From Groaning At Her Reaction And Waited For Her Verdict Oh, Cupcake, Darling, She Said This Show Has No Repeat Performances I Wonder, Jake Said And Tapped His Thumb Against The Edge Of His Plate, If There S Anything I Can Say Or Do To Make You Reconsider Though Alessandra Already Sat With Perfect Posture, She Appeared To Sit Up Even Straighter At The Comment Jake Had No Idea What It Meant, But He Hoped It Was A Good Sign Alessandra S Eyes Gave No Betrayal To What She Could Possibly Be Thinking Anything She Said In A Soft Tone He Couldn T Identify.Alessandra Always Kept Herself So Unreadable If She Hadn T Made Such A Successful Multinational Industrial Leader, Jake Was Sure She Could Make A Killing As A Poker Player Although He Supposed, Controlling A Global Conglomerate Probably Wasn T Too Unlike A Game Of Poker She Most Likely Had To Learn To Keep Her Moves Close To Herself Rather Than Broadcast Her Next Play To All Of Her Competitors Yes, He Said And Chose His Next Words Carefully I Would Do Anything Words Are Free, Cupcake, She Said Actions Are Not Remember Then Tell Me What To Do And I Ll Do It I Ll Be Honest I Don T Make Any Bargains From Which I Don T Gain Than I Previously Had Jake Swallowed And His Heart Thumped In His Chest What Could Be Than I Ve Already Given You Alessandra Moved Her Files On Top Of Her Laptop With A Slap Jake Jumped At The Sudden Movement She Leaned Forward And Caressed The Back Of Her Curled Fingers Against His Cheek In Someone Else, The Gesture Would Have Seemed Delicate In Her, It Seemed, Carnivorous Like A Predator Soothing Its Prey That S For You To Discover, Cupcake, She Whispered I Need To Know That You Re Mine And Mine Alone To Play With As I Please When You Can Obey My Every Command, From Near Or Far, In Body And In Mind, Then I Shall Know That You Have Submitted To Me Entirely.