Downfall (Cal Leandros #9)

Downfall (Cal Leandros #9) I Let It Go All Of It Everything I D Been Saving Up All My Life, Building And Growing Inside Me, Too Much To Hold In One Half Human Body It Pushed And Fought To Be Free With A Force That Turned Me Into A Bomb With A Timer Vibrating On Zero I Was Free But So Was Everything I D Fought So Hard Not To BeBrothers Cal And Niko Leandros Know Trouble When They See It And Then Proceed To Wipe The Floor With It But Now It Seems Their Whole World Is Falling To Pieces Cal S Nightmarish Monster Side Is Growing Ever Stronger, Changing Cal Physically As Well As Mentally Which Is Exactly What Grimm Cal S Savage Doppelg Nger Wants And When A Covert Supernatural Organization Decides That It S Time To Put Cal Down Before He Threatens Pretty Much Everything Else In Existence, The Brothers Find Themselves In A Fight They Actually Might Lose But The Dark Temptations Cal Has Denied All His Life May Prove To Be Exactly What Can Save Them Even If He Must Fall Forever I love this series but this one is not my favorite Cal and Niko story Too much Robin and too many clever fake outs Too much maudlin reminiscing about reincarnations Tie in to her other Trickster series just annoying The thing about this series that I have always loved is Cal and Niko That is the relationship I have come back for time and again That and Cal s amazing dark snarky humor I accepted Robin as their friend but this new turn introduced in previous book of reincarnation and Robin being as important to them as they are to each other just
This was by far the worst book in the Cal and Niko series and now I am in search of other series to fill the void SPOILERS The reminiscing about past lives that suddenly become active memories was way too much I am on board with the brothers who support each other in their own quirks, but by adding in the past lives part it completely ruins the entire Robin story Now he has to be part of their lives and they have to like him, why can t they just have an anti hero who we always sort of question his motives, but he always does something good for them, even if he helps himself along the way Completely ruined the character for me The big ending and battle was horrible It was rushed, was devoid of the detail it deserved and had little impact The grand solution was not so grand, nor was the bargain struck to resolve the situation which
Originally a 4 star review This is the only series I enjoy The Leandros novels, to me, are the greatest novels ever written Who else writes about brothers against a supernatural world, without pulling their hair and teeth out over a female love interest Sure, we have the Supernatural novels, but the Leandros Bros are in a class all their own They re each other s soulmate not in a romantic sense of course , and together they make the impossible.My only complaint about Downfall Robin While his POV was packed with incredible information from time to time, and finding out about his role in the brothers lives was moving, I would ve preferred it if Niko s POV had been featured instead Slashback and Doubletake were divine because of the beautiful focus on Cal and Niko s bond But Cal referring to Robin as brother in Book 9 reminded
I m so torn on how to review this one First let me say that the series is awesome, overall It is by far one of the best fantasy series I ve ever read, and I have read a LOT Downfall does a lot of good things, it ties up some plot threads from previous books, we get POV from Robin, we get some backstory Unfortunately it feels like the writing lags, especially compared to the first several books in the series No matter who s POV we re getting, they are always pausing mid fight crisis to ruminate There is a lot of exposition on the past, on their relationships, and on personal identities, which would be fine, were it not so often, repetitive, and poorly placed So much feels like filler Where previous installments grabbed on and refused to let go, this one meanders along, frequently going back over the same spots in the path over and over again, which is sad, given the break neck pacing and tension of the other books Final thoughts read the se
Downfall has outdone itself in terms of writing Rob Thurman has got to have multiple personalities, because she can write some of the most bizarre personalities so perfectly you would think that she hires multiple other people write characters for her Now in Downfall, we get Robin s first person thoughts and personality, and it didn t feel inconsistent in any way Downfall s story was also spectacular, giving small hints throughout the entirety of the book, yet only telling you what the ending battle was going to be in the last fifty or so pages, while also increasing the lore behi
I absolutely love this this series Nine books in and I think this one might be my favorite of all of them I wasn t quite sure what to make of the reincarnation thing until now Downfall totally sold me on it It became one of my favorite aspects of the story actually, on top of everything else that s going on with Cal, Niko, Goodfellow, and company I loved getting alternating chapte
I ve told you before you could speak, Cal, I will always be with you and I ll never give up on you If that means dragging you back from the brink, then I will If it means going with you over that brink, that I will do as well Whether I m afraid that most of you might already be gone doesn t matter I ll be on your heels bringing what s left of you with me And honestly that would have been a much better ending to this series anyway I mean, I know not everyone is like me and most people probably didn t want this series to go all darkest timeline but it would have made a lot of sense And yes I am counting this as the end of the series, because there are about three whole scenes in the next book that have any entertainment value whatsoever and two of them are flashbacks Anyway, there are parts to this book I like I like Cal slowly becoming Auphe I know I sound like a broken record on this topic but Auphe Cal is just my favorite thing ever and the scene towards the end where Niko falls asleep with his head in Cal s lap is possibly one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, but there s also a lot in this book that gets and annoying the times I read it.I always said that Robin should have a POV and that Rob should do a past lives book, but be careful what you wish for I guess because it turns out that it s really annoying than anything I don t necessarily MIND the whole reincarnation thing but like I said b
This is one of the best Urban Fantasy series around, and Rob Thurman finds a way to keep it fresh even though this is the 9th book, and you d think all of the secrets were revealed, all of the obstacles overcome But in this one, we get a unique view on th
Originally posted at Smexy Books Quote Please The devil wished he had half my style and a fourth of my schemes Cal and Nikos Leandros are back and this time they face their greatest enemy themselves Cal s monstrous heritage is slowly gaining a foothold, trying to obliterate Cal s humanity On top of that, Cal is being pursued by a murderous doppelganger, a psychotic ex, and a band of covert warriors who feel it s time for Cal to be put to rest permanently As the clock ticks down, sending Cal and Niko s closer to their deaths, it may be Cal s murderous other half that saves them in the end.Rob Thurman brings her A game to the table in her ninth installment of her Cal Leandros series Secrets are revealed and we learn once and for all exactly why Robin Goodfellow has been such a primary figure in the Leandros brothers lives The story is a bit chatty than normal but the storyline is possibly one of her best Presented in duel POVs, you get an in depth look at Cal and Niko s past through the eyes
I could trudge through the overwritten story, it was annoying but I could deal with reading a conversation over multiple pages, sprinkled through random thoughts and memories of whomever s POV I was reading I am almost used to authors padding the shit out of their books nowadays I could deal with the rehashing and repetition that has become pretty consistent since Blackout You could make a drinking game probably Just pick Cal being obnoxious or emo, Robin being a perv or claiming to be the origin of whatever, or Niko being quiet and serene I am having great problems with the minuscule plot lines and lack of character growth between books It bugs me when shit seems to be going nowhere fast and these characters are ever so static But the thing that just fucking ruined it for me in the entire book, the thing that completely shit in my Cheerios, was bringing Catcher back And grudgingly Georgiana too And for that matter the last six fucking pages The epilogue in Roadkill was such a crushing and epic moment of finality, of the terrible consequences to actions taken by Rafferty, that just magically erasing it via deus ex Fenris makes me wanna flush all the books I do own down the toilet When I read Catcher walking out of the RV I about threw the fucking book in the trash it s a library book so I thought better of it And then Geor