Make It Go Viral

Make It Go Viral FOR ADULTS ONLY What Would You Give To Become The Next Internet Superstar For One Struggling Social Media Consultant, The Offer Is His Bodyand His Soul But Will His New, Demonically Inspired Memes Usher In Fame And Fortune, Or Simply Hell On Earth An Outrageously Naughty Update Of The Faust Legend Featuring Corruption, Oral And Anal Action, Orgies And 5000 Words REUPLOADED 1 28 14 Formatting Issues Addressed, Author Information Added EXCERPT The Demon Cocked His Head Sign You Know, On The Dotted Line I Guess In My Own Blood, If You Want It That Way An Infernal Laugh Oh, Thou Art Mistaken We Hath Always Preferred The Contract To Be Sealed By A Physical Agreement Chad S Body Felt A Flash Of Painless Heat He Looked Around His Clothes Had Been Entirely Singed Off His Lean Frame Now Fully Exposed To The Hellish Visitor, He Quickly Moved To Cover Up The Demon Chuckled Again No Sense Being Modest, Sire Already The Very Depths Of Your Soul You Hath Bared Fully To Me He Slipped Off His Own Robes In Turn Fear Not In This Manner Hath The Bargain Been Struck Since Time Immemorial The Memesmith Was Quaking, But Couldn T Stop From Gawking Whether It Was An Illusory Form Or Not, The Demon Was Nearly Statuesque In His Beauty, A Flawless Set Of Muscles Rippling Under The Marble Skin In Fact, The Horns And The Newly Revealed Spade Tipped Tail Accented The Look Rather Nicely And Then There Was The Matter Which Was Swinging Between His Sturdy Thighs Yes, The Infernal Powers Had Endowed Him Well For The Task, Indeed Understandest Thou, That What You Ask Requireth The Offer Of Thy Body As Well As Thy Soul, Now And Forever To The Legions Of Hell It Was Chad S Last Chance To Back Out He Took A Deep Breath I Do I Understand Fully Very Well Then Thou Shalt Service Me Before All Else. This M M erotic short story will not please everyone it deals with satanism in an unjudgemental way and the sex included is on the kinky side of wild There is no romance, just honest to ehm fetish sex.I liked it though everyone involved is a consenting adult demon and nobody is abusing noone as it happens in so many erotic tales many readers especially ladies gush over here on this site