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Home World by Bonnie MilaniCenturies Of Ruinous War Have Left Earth Little Than A Dusty Tourist World Within The Star Flung Commonwealth She Founded Now, Amid The Ruins Of A Post Apocalyptic Hawaii, Jezekiah Van Buren Has Found A Way To Restore Earth Home World To The Other Worlds Of The Commonwealth To Her Lost Glory.The Most Ingenious Prince Even The Genetically Enhanced, Great Family Van Buren Has Ever Produced, Jezekiah Has Achieved The Impossible He Has Arranged A Treaty That Will Convert Earth S Ancient Enemies, The Lupans, To Her Most Powerful Allies Once He Has The Treaty Sealed, It Will Not Only Make Earth Rich Again, But It Will Grant Him The Chance To Escape The Ring That Marks Him As Earth S Next Ruler Once The Treaty Is Signed, He Will Be Free Free To Create His Own Future, And Free To Marry Keiko Yakamoto, The Warrior Trained Woman He Loves His Future And Earth S Is Assured Assuming He Can Convince His Xenophobic Sister To Accept The Lupan S Alpha Warlord In Marriage Before The Assassin She S Put On His Tail Succeeds In Killing Him Assuming He Can Thwart Another Deadly Uprising By The Interstellar Criminal Organization Called Ho Tong And Before His Ruling Relatives On Competing Worlds Manage To Execute Him For Treason.Jezekiah Manages To Stay One Step Ahead Of His Foes, Until His Lupan Warlord Partner Reaches Earth And These Two Most Powerful Men Suddenly Find Themselves In Love With The Same Woman A Woman Who Just May Be The Most Deadly Assassin Of Them All. Just absolutely fantastic It s pretty hardcore and definitely worth the read You HAVE to put this SciFi on your to read list WOW I honestly loved this book The characters were original and stuck in my head and so did their situations This was a very original sci fi novel and one that I plan on having people read But I cannot say enough about the characters They were truly amaz
Home World is a wonderful work of scifi It was one of the best books I ve read this year It grabbed me and pulled me in I read the bulk of it on two four hour airplane flights, ignoring the in flight movie, then put in a late night early morning to finish it I believe this is the author s first published novel, but it reads as if she is a far experienced and established author I am rather picky about my scifi Too many authors, in my opinion, use scifi as a carte blanche not to think things through, not to make sure there is a logic and realism to their universe Scifi or fantasy, I want the same degree of thought and logic as in an historical fiction In this, the author does not disappoint Everything worked seamlessly and logically There were none of the that doesn t make sense moments that abound in other works.As a wordsmith, the author is skilled Despite the differences in what has happened to earth, I could still see, feel, and smell the islands as I read I felt like I was looking at some old photos of ci
PromontoryPublishing Date October 2015ISBN 9781927559239Genre SciFiRating 3.6 5Publisher Description Centuries of ruinous war have left Earth little than a dusty tourist world within the star flung Commonwealth she founded Now, amid the ruins of a post apocalyptic Hawaii, Jezekiah Van Buren has found a way to restore Earth Home World to the other worlds of the Commonwealth to her lost glory.Review This was a long novel, which is a good thing in our serialized culture Jezekiah is next in line for the protectorship of Earth and machinates an alliance with a race of powerful lycans He only has to get his crazy, murderous sister to marry the head Lycan in order to seal the deal.The character development is good as the novel is long, so there is plenty of movement to accommodate even the bit players Letticia is a wonderfully funny, crazy and scarey character whom is constantly seeking to kill Jezekiah in order to be next in line Some of the characters didn t ring true, or fell a little flat due to an exorbitant amount of focus, for little return For instance, Mote, aka Keiko Yakamoto is super speshul Grandfather Ho seeks to use her, Jezekiah and the Lycan want to bang her, the Security chief has a daddy complex for her, General Yakamoto lends her grief and Letticia wants to kill her.The world building is pre
I received a free ARC to read and review.This is a rather madcap, zany adventure There s a lot of political drama, a little romance, and some of the best realized Hawaiin pidgin speak that I ve ever found in writing Bonnie s characters are all very distinct and fleshed out, and I think her characters are what makes the book work You feel for every person in the book, even the bad guy one of those Love to hate em Even though I hoped for a somewhat different ending, I think Ms Milani did a good job in following through with where the story needed to go.I loved Keiko in particular This could be a story just about her, and I d be happy The book in general is about political machinations to keep the home world planet Earth safe from the designs of many other planets and governments There are illicit drug deals, threats of war, an assassin after Earth s ruling family heir, and a bratty woman s designs to control everything that takes place in psyberspace There s also a very interesting dog species, which Ms Milani takes pains to flesh out and make real.I had some trouble following the action now and then, particularly when inside the Net There are terms and descriptions that took me a while to figure out, like the major domos and how the net spiders work, creeping around apparently inside people s heads But the characters keep things coherent, and move the story along I found this an enjoyable read My advice to
Jezekiah Van Buren returns to Earth, where he is designated to become the Lord High Protector, but fears assassination by his plotting sister, Letticia Earth s industries are gone, replaced by tourism from her former colonies and addictive Venus Seed drug production To avert economic collapse and a possible interstellar war, Jezekiah has secured an alliance with the Lupan Dominion, Letticia s hand in marriage as the price Lord Strongarm comes to Earth to seal the treaty and claim his bride, but Letticia is less than enad with the idea of marrying Strongarm, and sets about plotting Jezekiah s downfall to become the Earth s Protector In a captivating climax, not everything turns out as planned for everybody Home World is a daunting and complex book, not something for the fainthearted Bonnie Milani weaves an intricate plot sprinkled with in
I had read and reviewed the third installment by Ms Milani entitled Monkey s Luck which I had thoroughly enjoyed I looked forward to reading this Prize winning book that began right in the middle of an action scene I was fascinated by a future world in which all humanoid species were genetically engineered and racially segregated Natural humans were a racial and type minority called monkeys I had a little trouble visualizing Letitia and wanted to understand her type as well as Mother s type, but no trouble picturing the Lupans, Strongarm and Kaitan Slowly as I continued reading, the story came together a little We have Jezekiah a reluctant ruler designate who wants to marry Keiko Keiko wants to prove herself as a Samurai and uncover the truth of her own identity and bloodline which has been kept from her Meanwhile Strongarm, the head Lupan
A sci fi story filled with treachery, hatred and deceit a most interesting tale, the characters are well written and the storyline is a very interesting one The intrigue is captivating and interesting, a must read for the space adventurers. Disclaimer the author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review Home World is an exotic story filled with futuristic techno marvels, a little fantasy, and a lot of the age old human foibles that a hundred thousand years of evolution and a few centuries post Enlightenment just haven t weeded out of us.Letticia, daughter and sister, is one of the Van Burens who rule the new earth which is in a state of dystopia when the story opens and all the earth s various satellite planets which house humanity The human race has been genetically engineered into various species with differing skills and dialects Letticia is not the protagonist, but she stands out for the intriguing way she s plugged her mind into a computer grid, some kind of MindScape, MindNet, and she manages to be omniscient, omnipresent and she s hoping omnipotent Trouble is, she can t be be all powerful when her brother wears the Ring that makes him heir to the kingdom, ruler of Earth.The story opens with Jezekia flying over the ruins of Hawaii, his former home, but he dreads the landing He doesn t want The Ring and all the

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