Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerThe Original Story Of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Written In Verse By His Creator, Robert L May Now With Charming New Illustrations Every Year At Christmastime, Everyone Young And Old Alike Has One Catchy, Joy Inspiring Song Stuck In Their Heads Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Now Fans Of The Most Famous Reindeer Of All Time Can Fall In Love With The Original Story, Written By Robert L May In 1939.Rudolph, A Youthful Reindeer Buck Who Possesses An Unusual Luminous Red Nose, Is Harassed Mercilessly And Excluded By His Peers Because Of This Trait One Particularly Stormy Christmas Eve, Rudolph Manages To Prove Himself After Santa Claus Catches Sight Of His Nose And Asks Him To Lead His Sleigh For The Evening Rudolph Agrees, Saving Christmas, And Is Finally Treated The Way He Deserves By His Fellow Reindeer This picture book is an oversized 75th anniversary production featuring the poem by Robert L May that was a largely failed attempt to piggy back on the justly deserved fame of The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore It features sumptuous illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo that take us back 75 years in a good way.Did you know that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was an invention of the Montgomery Ward department store Ah, American capitalism and its inventions for children But seriously, this book is very good and May s poem follows the same basic story of the song you probably know better.This is the version of the song I grew up with 1964 movie featuring Burl Ives that I watched on tv that year and many times since Yes, it is true that Burl Ives, once an itinerant traveling musician, asked my flapper, artist, elementary school teacher aunt, may she
Honestly, this was just the sweetness I needed this season This is an authentic reproduction of the original 1939 edition, written in brilliant rhyming prose, complete with nostalgic illustrations penned in a simpler time I grew up waiting every year for the Rankin Bass special on tv, but I had never thought to consider where or when Rudolph entered Christmas folklore Rudolph has just always been Mr May unwittingly left an
This is the ORIGINAL softcover that was distributed by Montgomery Ward in 1939 I am privileged, and thrilled, to own TWO copies of it.5 Stars I love it for sentimental reasons. Where most reindeers noses are brownish and tiny,Poor Rudolph s was red, very large, and quite shiny.Robert L May was working as a copywriter for Montgomery Ward Co when he was asked to come up with an idea for a children s book And, in 1939, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was born Ten years later, May s brother in law, turned the story into a song, and about fifteen years after that, the beloved stop motion television special first aired But that s another story.This one, written entirely in rhyme, is familiar, but different enough to hold a child s attention, even if they have the song memorized I really li
This is the original story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, written by Robert L May in 1939 for Montgomery Ward Out of all the versions of it currently available in print, this is most definitely my favorite one all thanks to Antonio Javier Caparo absolutely stunning watercolor illustrations.Who doesn t know The Red Nosed Rudolph Santa Claus brave little helper, spirited and dedicated His story is a moving one, it pulls on your heart strings and reminds you to always believe in yourself and to never stop trying Rudolph story is a true classic, filled with magic and Christmas spirit It fills your heart with joy and warmth, it excites and entertains, and it teaches us that dreams really do come true This gorgeous 75th Anniversary Edition feels and looks like a pricey collectors item, in that it s really magnificently designed, embellished with golden accents on the cover and dust jacket, and printed on a high quality glossy paper It s completely fantastic and it makes for a perfect Christmas gift Caparo s illustrations are beyond enchanting and mesmerizing They are so rich in details, so full of life, so heartfelt and captivating, you find yourself staring at them completely awestruck and spell bound They are simply beautiful and I can t tell you how much I love them Combined with Ma
This is the original story of Rudolph and my favorite of the stories, the movie does not follow this book But this one is the classic story This was far better than May s sequel, IMO, and I actually quite enjoyed it and the little rhyme scheme was fun rather than annoying It s neat to see the similarities and differences between this original telling and the subsequent song and classic stop animation film I was a little disappointed as I checked out the Applewood Books version they are known for their reprints of classic books because it did n
Robert May is the original author who invented Rudolph This is the real Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer My father grew up down the street from the Mays, and heard this story as a child, so when the book was published, it became a treasure to our family I highly recommend getting an original edition. While this story is quite different from the movie, the underlying story is still the same, and is written in lovely Suessian rhymes it s the perfect companion to the Grinch I d highly recommend it, especially if you love vintage reindeer illustrations. This book is poorly designed, and completely useless to be used as a read aloud for baby time, which was my initial plan when I saw a board book form a Rudolph Board books are meant for infants and young children, whoever designed this has never read a board book with an infant before, or possibly spent any extended time with an infant.While board books are generally read by a parent to a child, the book is too long for an infant or small child to be will to sit through and pay attention to The font is also tiny which makes it near impossible to juggle holding entertaining an infant while reading the text The illustrations while objectively gorgeous, are useless to an infant, the dark colors are unappealing and their eyes have not developed enough to pick up the details in the illustrations much less appreciate them The story should have been cut down and modified for the intended audience of

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  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
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