The Geometry of the End Of Time

The Geometry of the End Of Time This Work Explores The Geometric And Prophetic Patterns Which Emerge From Integrating The Three Major Ancient Cycles Of Time The Precession Of The Equinox, The Mayan Calendar And The Over Arching Structure Of Time, The Yuga System Of Hindu And Egyptian Tradition The Exact Endpoint Of The Current Kali Yuga Prophesizes The Ultimate Dissolution Of Modern Civilization And The Present Form And Consciousness Of The Human Race The Same Measurements Marking The Points Of Correspondence Between These Cycles Can Be Found In The Ancient Monuments Such As The Great Pyramids Of Egypt And The Stone Circles Of The British Isles The Author Examines The Historic Events And Conditions Of Human Consciousness That Lead Us, Within Several Generations, To The Exact Point Of The End Of Time The Author Also Speculates On The Collective And Individual Awareness Necessary For Confronting This Cosmic Destiny And Thus Enabling A Transformation And Rebirth Of Humanity In The Coming Cyclic Patterns This Ebook Is Best Viewed On A High Resolution Tablet So That The Images Can Be Viewed In Detail.