Frankie & Delilah

Frankie & Delilah This Novel Is A Sweeping Story Of Enduring Friendship And What Friends Will Do To Keep Those They Love Near To Them Forever Even If That Means Helping Them Find Love That S Hotter Than The Hinges Of Hell With An Immortal Centuries Old Vampire Who Has A Bad Attitude, A Real Problem Remembering What It S Like To Be Human, And A Deeply Held Belief That The World Holds Nothing Of Interest For Him Any.Francesca Anna Daniels And Delilah Borden Have Been Best Friends For Most Of Their Lives Known As Frankie And Delilah To Almost Everyone Who Knows Them, They Have Been Each Other S Rock Through Thick And Thin But Then, Catastrophe Strikes And Frankie S Life Is Stolen From Her In A Heinous Murder Across The Ocean Delilah Is Crushed And Unable To Put The Pieces Of Her Life Back Together While She Is Still Haunted By The Memory Of Her Friend Until One Night, When A Woman Claiming To Be Frankie Reappears With Two Immortals In Tow And A Crazy Story That Threatens To Turn Delilah S Life Upside Down And What S Crazier, Is That This Frankie Imposter And Her Immortal Love Aric, Are Secretly Hoping That Delilah Holds The Key To Awakening A Many Centuries Long Forgotten Human Desire In Their Dark And Cold Companion Can Delilah Hold Onto Her Humanity, And Her Heart, While The Captivating Greyson Is So Near To Stealing Them Both Away, Along With Her Life When The Sparks Fly, Will They Ignite A Fire So Deep That Time Can Never Quench It, Or Will The Flames Turn Into A Ravishing Inferno That Threatens To Burn Them Both