Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp, Josies Lacivious Life Before Wyatt

Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp, Josies Lacivious Life Before Wyatt Josie Marcus Led A Lascivious Life Before Meeting Wyatt Earp When She Was About Twenty Years Old During The 1870s, This Fourteen Year Old Jewish Girl From Brooklyn, New York Became The Sexual Plaything Of The Leader Of A Gang Of Unemployed Transcontinental Railroad Laborers In San Francisco She Ran Away From Home To Prescott, Arizona And Became A Prostitute In A Bordello She Also Toured As A Dancer In A Traveling Burlesque Show And Became Known As The The Bell Of The Honkytonks For Her Work As A Courtesan In A Tombstone, Arizona Saloon. Too Scare in FactsToo short and not enough fill in the blanks information If you are.looking for a cute story, then this is it But don t expect to get the facts. A freshman level history, with few insights or conclusions Skip it. This hardly counts as a book, of a ahigh school type essay on the ever fascinating Josie I learned about her than I knew before I d lobe to see a full scale bio of her, but I don t know if that is poss
Very ShortI have read longer articles on Wikipedia This took me no than 5 or 10 minutes to read, mentioning only what the author felt were seminal events in her life Just okay. For a exciting story, read LAST WOMAN STANDING by Thelma Adams You ll love it Interesting historyI read this after I finished the last woman standing and it merely told the story without the romance of the fiction I was interested but liked the romance better v PointlessCheck Wikipedia instead and save your money Same info and just about as short I was hoping for insight into Wyatt Earp s wife but sadly disappointed The way it was written sounded like he was paraphrasing directly from source and no real research. TerribleHow could you charge even one penny for this wow was I taken for a ride.what an absolute joke of a book