Confessions of a Secret Latina

Confessions of a Secret Latina Whatever Your Ethnic Background Or Personal Opinion Of Fidel Castro, You Will Find Something New And Revealing In This Book It Offers A Frank Firsthand Account Of One Woman S Journey, Not Only Through Cuba, But Through A Life Filled With Unique Challenges And Tragedies When Castro First Rose To Power, The Author, Like So Many Americans, Was Entranced By The Romantic Vision Of A Scrubby Revolutionary Defeating The Hated Dictator Fulgencio Batista But Her Years Of Direct Experience With Cubans And Within Cuba Itself Gradually Eroded That Vision Then, Unexpectedly, She Found Herself Being Attacked By A Once Close Friend Of Latino Heritage, Who Not Only Vehemently Disagreed With Her Negative Evaluation Of Castro S Reign, But Harshly Questioned Her Right As A Non Latina To Even Comment On It He Dubbed Her Lazy And A Nunny Bunny, A Phony Gringa Do Gooder Displaying Lamentable Republican Style Self Exculpation, Summarily Dismissing Her Decades Of Involvement In Cuban Human Rights As An Amnesty International Volunteer These Very Personal Attacks Triggered Her Own Self Doubts, Launching Her Onto A Meticulous Backward Look Over Her Entire Life S Trajectory, Especially Her Involvement With Latin America And Cuba The Result Is Confessions Of Secret Latina How I Fell Out Of Love With Castro In Love With The Cuban People, A Book Going Beyond The Author S Previous Award Winning Memoir, Triumph Hope Golden Years With The Peace Corps In Honduras, Bringing To Light New Details About A Singular Life That May Surprise Even Those Closest To Her In Confessions, Readers Will Meet Real People, Both Dissidents And Ordinary Cubans, As Well As Other Latin Americans Encountered During The Author S 75 Adventurous Years She Was Privileged To Have Had A Front Row Seat At Pivotal Events Enabling Her To Meet Important Regional Players, Including While Serving As An Election Observer In Chile, Nicaragua, Haiti, And The Dominican Republic Fluent In Spanish, She Not Only Visited Cuba Multiple Times, Beginning In The Batista Years, But She Had A Cuban Foster Son, Alex, An Unaccompanied Minor Arriving During The 1980 Mariel Boatlift, Who Died Of AIDS In 1995, Just One Year After The Death Of Her Beloved Son Andrew This Book Recounts Her Emergence From That Dual Tragedy To Resume Her Human Rights Work In Cuba And Elsewhere, Then Joining The Peace Corps In Honduras In 2000 At Age 62 Now Working As A Spanish Hospital And School Interpreter, She Continues Her Volunteer Role With Amnesty International, Coordinating Human Rights Actions In The Caribbean, Including Cuba, And In This Most Recent Book Recounts Her Recent Meetings With Cuban Dissidents Finally Allowed By The Regime To Travel Her Life Shows That Even Unsung Individuals Working Quietly Behind The Scenes To Carry Out Daily Tasks Can Make A Difference. The author has a deep feeling toward the Cuban people and articulates well her angst toward the current regime, despite recent hoopla of rapprochement I recommend the book SEM

[PDF] ✑ Confessions of a Secret Latina  By Barbara E. Joe –
  • Paperback
  • 434 pages
  • Confessions of a Secret Latina
  • Barbara E. Joe
  • 13 July 2018
  • 9781495326455