Polly and Her Neighbor (Punishing Polly Book 1)

Polly and Her Neighbor (Punishing Polly Book 1) Punishing Polly 1 She Wanted To Hate Josh For What He Was Making Her Do, But At The Same Time She Didn T Want Him To Ever Stop.When Nineteen Year Old Polly Backs Into Her Neighbor Josh S Brand New Car And Decides Not To Leave A Note She Thinks She S Gotten Away Scot Free But Her Luck Runs Out When Josh Shows Up That Night With Photos Of The Accident And Threatens To Turn The Little Brat Over To The Police He S Furious And Wants Her Punished And Humiliated For What She Did How Far Will Polly Go To Convince Josh To Let Her Off The Hook Is She Willing To Let Him Do Whatever He Wants, Without Protection Punishing Polly 1 Polly And Her Neighbor2 Polly And Her Boss3 Polly And Her Doctor4 Polly And Her Preacher freebie Dual POVs Very short, HOT erotic tale featuring two next door neighbors Enjoyed Why must every steamy book present no protection as sexy That plus humiliation seemed to be reportedly sexy Not to me sadly that was just fairly insulting as a female Degradation is rarely attractive. I m glad it was such a short book All in all it was ok but not I can t say I enjoyed it I picked it up because it was free and read it just to see what stands behind blackmail erotica and I suppose it s one of the last books of this sub genre if not the last one it s not my cup of tea. A senior year college aged woman hits her neighbor s new car on her way to work She leaves the scene and ends up paying for it later that evening when the neighbor blackmails her for some sexual loving. Great This was a great quick read Then after the short story were small samples of other stories, also by Kelli Wolfe I m looking forward to reading these as well If you want a quick, not, panty soaking read, then this is your one stop author I can see where this series is goingI d read another but probably not much than that. It isNot bad but something is missing Maybe it s the length of this story I don t know if it s realistic enough either I m going to try by this author.