Just More to Love

Just More to Love Kerri Had Been Over Weight Since She Was Back In High School, And Now In Her Twenties, She Had Never Even Had A Boyfriend She Had Arrived At The Conclusion That Perhaps She Would Never Find Love, That She Would Meet A Man That Could Look Past Her Weight And Love The Person Inside When Her Co Worker, Brad, Asked Her Out She Was Pleasantly Surprised Could This Be The Start Of A Real Romance, A Chance For Kerri To Find True Love For The First Time Follow Kerri And Brad On Their Journey, And Share In The Joy Of Love Discovered. Bland.Na ve.Boring.This could very well be a real life story and, don t get me wrong, I like real life stories but I like them better if they have a spark There s no spark here, the story is too na ve, the writing is stiff, like waaay too proper and it makes it boring to read And if it had been a full length novel I would have thrown it away by chapter 3 But I managed to finish it much to my despair.Because when I got to the last quarter of the story the whole Church thing was introduced I had my suspicions about this being one of those religious romance stories Which are great for some people, but not for me All the goody goody people, the perfectly perfect gentlemen and the God is great and you ll have love if you wait long enough without becoming bitter no matter what shit stuff life throws at you, be
While the concept of the book was good, the delivery style was not The writing felt very choppy and contrived It was just okay.