Cooking for Halflings & Monsters: 111 Comfy, Cozy Recipes for Fantasy-Loving Souls

Cooking for Halflings & Monsters: 111 Comfy, Cozy Recipes for Fantasy-Loving SoulsIn Cooking For Halflings And Monsters 111 Comfy, Cozy Recipes For Fantasy Loving Souls, Tolkien Scholar Astrid Tuttle Winegar Has Created 111 Original Recipes To Inspire You Lovingly Illustrated And Written With Dry Humor Throughout, This Charming Cookbook Is Sure To Delight You And Your Family, Friends, And Whoever Else Is A Lucky Part Of Your Community So Crack Open A Beer, Rustle Up Some G Nd Rn B S Gr B, And Come Along On This Epic Culinary Journey Your Quest For Delicious Recipes Is Complete This Cookbook Consists Of Eight Chapters, Each Imagining A Restaurant Inn, Cafe, Or Bistro Which Caters To Particular Archetypal Characters In The Fantasy Genre But Don T Worry You Simply Need To Love Comfort Food To Enjoy All The Recipes Within Halfling Hideaway Is The Perfect Cozy Spot For Characters Small Of Stature, Yet Big Of Heart Here, You Can Enjoy Stout Sturdy Chicken Dumplings, Six Of One Half A Dozen Soup, And Nutty Honey Bars The Inn Of The Doughty Hero Provides Hearty Food For The Hero On The Move This Is The Place To Bring Your Freshly Acquired Game And Any Sort Of Fruits Or Vegetables You Ve Managed To Forage During Your Journeys In The Wild Beery Beef Stew, Cress Composition, And Healing Chocolate Chai Will Fortify You For Your Next Outing For Now, Stay And Eat And You Might Consider Washing Your Hair And Clothes For A Change Council Catering Helps You Develop A Sophisticated Menu To Help Convince Your Heroes To Risk Their Lives Fulfilling Dangerous Quests Order Your Impressive Celebration Cake Here Quest Depot Is Your One Stop Shop For Nutritious, Portable Goodies To Bring On Your Seemingly Hopeless Enterprise Cheesy Pies And Buttery Cookies Will Help You Survive Those Perilous Road Trips The Epic Urean Caters To Wizards, Witches, And Alchemists Characters Who Like A Bit Of Danger And Complexity In Their Meal Preparations You Can Dabble With Crackling Caramel Sauce, And Enjoy The Precision Of Treasured Tidbits Sushi And Sine Qua Non Chicken Glitn R S Hall Serves Wholly Hearty Food For Dwarves Mushrooms And Bacon Are Quite Popular In This Establishment Monstrous Morsels The Hot Spot For Egregious Enemies Prepares Surprisingly Elegant Food For Trolls, Orcs, Goblins, And Zombies Monsters Need Comfort Too, You Know, And They Will Find It With Dishes Such As Fungus Liquid, Cold Dead Livid Bread, Chunks Gobbets, And Must Eat Brain Food Don T Worry All The Recipes In This Restaurant Come With Civilized Names, So You Can Serve These Dishes To People Who Don T Have Warped Senses Of Humor Nympha Nemorosa Prepares Delicate Treats For Woodland Elves And Sylvan Sprites With Delicious Dishes Such As Leeky Potato Soup, Sweet Sylvan Buns With Honey Almond Butter, And Marmalade Gems, You Might Decide Just To Stay At Home For Days At A Time Cooking, Baking, And Reading The Lord Of The Rings And All Of The Chronicles Of Narnia Now, That Sounds Like An Extremely Pleasant Way To Spend Some Time I ll be making a few of these recipes The pictures could do with some help They do not make the food look appetizing