The Selfish Gene

The Selfish GeneUn Saggio Scientifico Incentrato Sulla Stupefacente Verit Che Si Rivela A Chi Si Interroga Sull Universo, L Immortalit E Il Posto Dell Uomo Nell Universo.Noi Siamo Macchine Da Sopravvivenza, Robot Semoventi Programmati Ciecamente Per Conservare Quelle Molecole Egoiste Note Con Il Nome Di Geni.Un Libro Pensato Per Stimolare Con Ironia L Immaginazione Del Lettore, Dello Studente Come Dell Esperto E Critico Severo, O Del Profano, Che Riesce A Semplificare E Rendere Comprensibili Sottili E Complicati Concetti Scientifici In Un Linguaggio Non Matematico, Senza Che Ne Vada Perduta La Sorprendente Essenza. What some people seem to find hard to understand is that there s a part of you, in fact the most important part, that s immaterial and immortal Your body is really no than a temporary shell for the immortal
Didactic, patronizing, condescending and arguably neo intellectual twaddle I do not believe in a God, certainly not any God that s been conceived by man, but I also believe Richard Dawkins is a self satisfied thought Nazi who is as fundamental in his view of religion as any right wing minister Fundamentalists of all faiths scare me, and atheism is just as much a faith as any religion The existence or non existence of a God cannot be proven, nor can the existence or non existence of a soul, and faith is an abstract experience with implications that are fundamentally unresponsive to study As such, pursuits like Dawkins often boil down to one type of faith in reason vs another type of faith in a God Many people love Dawkins He is certainly intelligent, and writes as such, but he lacks wisdom and imagination To me, that s the flaw
There s a good reason I imagine why The Selfish Gene was Jeffrey Skilling s favourite book I m agnostic myself, so I m impartial, but Dawkins is so cynical, so against the idea that there is to us as individual human beings than just intelligent apes meant to give birth, grow old and die, that he seems almost, for lack of a better phrase, sociopathic or antisocial He leaves very little room for the profound depths of emotion, companionship, imagination, nostalgia or anything that goes against his view that we are just materialistic monkeys who won t matter to anyone a hundred years from now I found him as a narrator of this book to be rather obnoxious and appalling, and I don t think he understands just how unique our minds and meanings to one another really are I don t think we are divine beings, but I don t think we are just animals, either I think there s to the human race than that I m not talking about religion, I m talking about humanity This book tries to prove a point, but portrays humans as consuming, greedy, sex maniac gorillas who only exist to reproduce Perhaps that is true in some ways, but not all humans are alike and to generalize them in this manner leaves no room for anything beyond Dawkins view of logic I think
Although I consider myself a Jesus loving, god fearing, creationist, I simply LOVE reading about evolution I m not sure what it is, but I find the whole concept, when explained by a lucid and accessible author, fascinating And Dawkins is nothing if not lucid and accessible He presents the topic and various questions and scientific controversies in a way that anybody with a willingness to pay attention can follow it Some of the chapters were a bit of a slog as Dawkins has to resort to scary scary math and numbers to prove some of his points and set up for even mindblowing stuff in future chapters But most of the time, this book is chock full of insanely interesting examples and user friendly analogies Dawkins sure knows his way around language too One of my favorite lines is Sex that bizarre perversion of straightforward replication On the science of it all, as I said, I m a creationist, but I like to read up on the other side and at least understand, if not appreciate, what their take on the matter is And to
. If you are bored look up the Community Reviews, sort by 1 star They are very entertaining One of them as a uni professor advising a student to burn down the book store where they bought this book Then we have the creationists, then the person who thinks it is all a capitalist manifesto There are those who think he is arrogant, depraved, uses philistine language How can anyone be a creationist and not believe in dinosaurs and such Do they believe that the earth is flat Are they the sort of people who pay astrologers money to cast their charts because of course your fate is determined by the stars at the moment of your birth Jesus wept Or
I read the 30th anniversary edition of this book it is a true classic I note that there are over 48,000 ratings and 1,400 reviews of this book on Goodreads Richard Dawkins put an entirely original slant on Darwin s theory of natural selection The book has turned people around, to the understanding that the gene plays the single most central role in natural selection, rather than the individual organism Over the course of generations, evolution plays a role to ensure the survival of the genes, not the individual or the species.Although the book is 30 years old, it has stood the test of time There are a few passages primarily about computers that are 30 years out of date But the vast majority of the book seems to have held up quite well.Dawkins prose is very approachable by the layman There is a bare minimum of technical jargon quite different from most other books about genetics that I ve been reading in recent years Dawkins takes the time to explain things, often with appropriate metaphors There are very few diagrams in the book additional figures could help clarify some points, in my opinion.Much of the book is really about the role of game theory, in understanding genetics Dawkins devotes several chapters to describe how various traits controlled by genes are held in an ESS Evolutionarily Stable Strategy a term that Dawkins uses quite often, that I think is a synonym for the game theory term stable equilibrium Dawkins shows
500 13 Color me very impressed I can now see why this is considered to be one of those hugely popular science books I keep hearing about and the reason why Dawkins has become so widely known and or respected with or without his notoriety.Indeed, the pure science bits were pretty much awesome We, or at least I, have heard of this theory in other contexts before and none of it really comes as much surprise to see that genes, themselves, have evolved strategies that are exactly the same as Game Theory in order to find the best possible outcome for continued replication Hence the selfish gene.Enormous simple computers running through the prisoner s dilemma with each other, rival genes, and especially within whole organisms which could just be seen as gigantic living spacecraft giving the genes an evolutionary advantage of finding new and prosperous adaptations Yup That s us I honestly don t see the problem I love the idea that we are just galaxies of little robots running complicated Game Theories that eventu