The Demon Under his Bed

The Demon Under his Bed When Stephen Robertson Moves Into His New House, He Thinks It S The Deal Of The Century A Gorgeous, Roomy Victorian Home On The Edge Of A Park, Trimmed In White It S Perfect Except For One Thing.There S Whispering Coming From Under The Bed.At First He Ignores It, But When It Starts Addressing Him Personally, He Knows He Has A Problem Especially When Its Promises Take A Turn For The Obscene It Might Be A Ghost Or A Demon, But As Stephen Is Forced To Lie There And Listen, He S Fighting A Losing Battle With Perverse Fascination.He S Determined Not To Give Up His House So Easily, But When His Wrist Dangles From The Bed And Something Like A Long Clever Tongue Wraps Around It, Things May Take A Stranger Turn Than He Ever Imagined.This 10000 Word Short Story Contains Demon Sex, Tentacles, Double Penetration, Domination, And Restraints. I loved the book Stephan moves into a new home with his cat marty where strange things are happening and when I mean strange there is whispering coming from under the bed And the demon wants to break stephan That s when Stephan shows his tru
It is very creepy Aeshelon, the demon, claims Stephen as his personal toy when Stephen buys and moves into a haunted house.