The Card

The Card When A Strange Tarot Card Appears In A Friend S Deck, Jason Assumes It S Just A Prank Done In Poor Taste But, When Terrible Events Befall Those Around Him, He Must Face The Possibility That Something Sinister Is Afoot.Death Is Closing In, Along With A Suspicious Detective Who Believes That Jason May Be The Killer He S Stalking With His Life Turned Upside Down, Jason Finds That There Are Worse Things To Be Hunted By Than The Authorities.This 4,500 Word Short Is A Supernatural Horror Story In The Spirit Of The Pulp Era, But With A Modern Feel. The Card was a fast paced thriller that took off from the first instant.This short story jumps right into the mystery as three friends find an unknown card in a tarot deck, each blaming the other for the supposed prank Justin doesn t believe in supernatural forces, so when strange things begin to happen and ominous cards show up at significant times, he isn t sure what to think Things soon get worse, and he realizes how terrifying the unknown can be.What does the series of unexplained cards that have appeared out of nowhere mean And what is going on with his friends You ll want to keep reading to find out.This was a quick read and a chilling short story with just enough creepiness and mystery Though it s categorized as h
Once again, Luffman drew me in with rising tension and an absorbing, different plot I love how he connected the main character s nervous tick and the ending Fans of Stephen King will enjoy this, but it s also fun if you ve ever played with Tarot cards. Some of you might think this story is predictable Not so for me Brandon threw in some curve balls that distracted me long enough to forget a few hints.Jason is the moderator for the three Even close friends get into it now and then.Brian s ticked off He s adamant he didn t do it.Freddie s furious He s sure Brian slipped the card into his deck.They get in each others faces, causing Jason to step in and try to diffuse them.Freddie designs his tarot decks himself, and he s positive the card was slipped into his deck by Brian Even though the back has the same design, there s no way he created the picture of the creepy old man in the hooded cape The figure is surrounded by fog, and the raised hand holding up three fingers, what s up with that No way does this card belong in his deck.Brian s tired of hearing about it He didn t put the card in the deck and doesn t get why it s such a big deal It s just a card.Freddie storms out When Jason suggests to Brian that he apologize, Brian storms out too.Great He ll just let the two cool off for the weekend and see them next week when they ve had time to cool down.Monday comes and Freddie doesn t show up for wo
Quick and enjoyable read Definitely unnerving I don t feel like I can say without it being spoilers, so spoiler tag it is view spoiler I feel like I want to know about this card Maybe a longer novella is in order Or a prequel story Maybe about how the card
Here s another great short from Brandon R Luffman I first read some of his work early last year, and couldn t wait for .The Card delivered with a well written story, like I had expected There s a great, slow reveal as the story moves along as to what exactly is going on We get to see, along with Jason the main character, the fate that a mysterious tarot card brings with it Even though there was some obvious foreshadowing
The Card by Brandon R Luffman is a short story that reads as a novel Luffman develops the story in a slow and delicious dance with the reader Building suspense As with his longer piece, Frostwalker, Luffman s character development is easy and relatable You have three friends socializing when a card none of them have ever seen before turns up It looks like all the rest How could the same person have not made it A need to know what comes next builds and Luffman does
I thoroughly enjoyed this short story It was a can t put down kind of read that pulled me in and moved quickly Like another of his short stories, Out After Dark, this story seemed like it could easly be fleshed out into a full novel This author does have a novel out, F
Tarot cards have always held me in awe This short story shows exactly why they should be held in awe The title short story actually takes something away from this because this is a full story in a smaller format Excellent read and I look forward to from this amazing writer. I was pleasantly surprised by this short story I couldn t put it down and wished it was longer It left me feeling like I had just watched a really good scary movie. Really enjoyed this short story, it was easy to visualize and flowed nicely and I liked how the macabre scenes made use of all the senses Look forward to reading from this author.

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