The Anwebuds (The Cloudlands of Goldenia, #1)

The Anwebuds (The Cloudlands of Goldenia, #1) Geran Is Almost Sixteen, And His Sister Jessica Is Only Twelve They Have Struggled For Two Years To Deal With Their Parents Death, And Their Grandparents Send Them To Their Aunt On Kairy Isle, A Beautiful Island Far Away.The Mansion Their Aunt Lives In Holds A Magical Portal To A Strange World, A World That Exists In The Sky, Behind Enchantments And Protections Goldenia S Royalty Calls For Their Help Geran And Jessica S Own Mother Came From This World, And Her Special Magic Flows Through Their Veins, But Still They Know Nothing Of The Land S People And Creatures, Nothing Of Their Own Power.Princess Aria And Prince Aneurin Of Goldenia Are Forced To Train Alongside Geran And Jessica, And Two Others Join Their Group, Twins From A Very Special Cloudland In Goldenia Geran And Jessica Find Friends, And Enemies, And It Is Not Always Certain Which Is Which Sometimes It Seems As If Everyone Is Against Them, But Then Why Were They Called To Goldenia They Find Themselves Unsure Of Where They Belong, And They Are Nearly Always In Danger, While Also Trying To Figure Out Their Own Relationships With Magical Beings Their Fight To Keep Goldenia From Their Normal World Is A Losing Battle, And All They Can Hope For Is That They Don T Drag Their Friends Down With Them.