Sweet Odyr (The Cloudlands of Goldenia, #2)

Sweet Odyr (The Cloudlands of Goldenia, #2) From Defending A Palace Under Attack And Escaping The Assault Of A Smoky Creature, To Fighting A Multi Coloured Sand Dinosaur, The Anwebuds Keep Fighting To Rise Above The Chaos And Disaster That Sweet Odyr Leave Wherever They Go.The Anwebuds Have Defeated Their First Enemy, But When An Assassin Attempts To Kill Geran, They Discover There Are Powerful Forces At Work With The Help Of The Goldenian Council And New Members To Their Group, They Fight Against The Darkness Threatening To Tear Them All Apart.The Anwebuds Make Mistakes, They Grow Overconfident, And When Their Confidence Is Completely Shattered They Have To Rely On Each Other During Their Battle Against The Destructive Sweet Odyr, The Anwebuds Face Imminent Death And Unavoidable Large Impacting Decisions.Each Anwebud Is Faced With Their Own Battles, Their Own Trials To Overcome.Arianwen Fights To Keep Her Past A Secret, While Geran And Jessica Are Forced To Decide In Which World Their Loyalties Lie, And They Might Not Chose The Same Path Crystal And James Discover The Truth About Their Heritage, And New Friends To This Group Prove Vital To Their Survival.Just When It Seems As If Every Force In Existence Is Working Against Them, They Manage To Form A Cunning Plan To Stop Sweet Odyr, Deceiving Their Enemies And Each Other, But Whether They Can Keep Up Their Pretenses Long Enough For It To Work Remains To Be Seen.