Mr. Insatiable

Mr. InsatiableGossip Says He Is Hot Between The Sheets Has Mr Insatiable Finally Met His Match Enya S Been Curious About Kit S Bedroom Exploits Ever Since His Ex Girlfriend Spilled The Beans About His Skill But He S Not For Her Enya Can T Provide What He Wants From Life, Especially Not Between The Sheets.After Enya Admits She S Not Good At Sex, Kit Persuades Her To Trust In Him Together, They Can Create Fireworks In The Bedroom A Few Drinks Followed By A Discussion About Kinky Sex, And Enya Succumbs To His Charm.Thrilled He S Been Proven Correct, Kit Can T Keep His Hands Off Enya, And She S Unable, And Unwilling, To Resist Him But Is It Just Great Sex Or Something CONTENT WARNING Sexy, Sizzling Hot Romance Please Read With Air Conditioning On.A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance Holy Smokes Will you just look at that cover Mr Insatiable aka the gorgeous Kit Fawkes falls in love with Enya, his best friend s sister in a beautiful romance set in New Zealand.We first meet Enya and Kit at Enya s brother Tristan s wedding Tris and Kit have been best friends forever and Enya has been like a kid sister to Kit for as long as he can remember Kit has quite the reputation amongst their social set for being a very good lover and being INSATIABLE Enya has recently broken up with her boyfriend having caught him In flagrante delicto with a friend of hers and Kit catches her in a moment of melancholy and asks her what s up Kit is very, very charming and with a cheeky smirk he s able to get a rather inebriated Enya to confess that she thinks she s terrible in bed and Kit offers to show her the ropes in a one time only deal Cue some really very delicious hotel rolm action and the blurb is right you will need to read with the air conditioning on Of course, after mind blowing sex and life changing orgasms, one night was never going to be enough and, with a business trip to China already planned, they allow themselves a few nights together Other things are at play though, Kit s desire for a large family of his own because he s adopted, a dark and sad s
This was a book that was a little predictable, but still an enjoyable read The sex is hot and there is plenty of it Enya and Kit or should I say Kinky Kit have been family friends since she was ten years old, and have always been very close When they attend Enya s brothers wedding, they share a kiss and sparks fly Suddenly they no longer are thinking familial thoughts instead they are both pondering whether to take this attraction further or not Enya has had a trauma in her past with drastic results because of it, so she has troubles with her relationships with men Just recently her boyfriend cheated on her and she is trying to overcome that as well Her sexual experience is very limited, so she decides to throw caution to the wind and mentions to Kit that she needs help in the area of loving They share a hot night and then decide one night will not be enough Kit and Enya are going on a trip together for four days and have come to the conclusion what happens on a trip stays on a trip They have four days of hot, passionate sex and are enjoying every minute of i
This is the second book I ve read by Serenity Woods and just like Seven Sexy Sins, I absolutely loved it I love the whole best friends have sex then become lovers books and although this book is that, there s much to it than sex It s about crossing the barrier into uncharted territory and changing up your friendship status into something Something you ve both wanted for years but never acted upon it Never wanted to cross it until it was actually time to do something about it And I m so glad that they did Kit and Enya have been best friends for years Kit is also best friends with her brother, Tristan, as well They have seen each other in relationships, broken hearted and have always been there for one another But at her brother s wedding, Enya is feeling insecure having broken up with her boyfriend and that is the moment that everything shifts in the way she and Kit look at each other Kit shows Enya just how great sex is, how great having an orgasm is but after that one night, Enya starts to withdraw from Kit, feeling that everything can t go back to friendship as they have crossed that barrier But there s a little problem, she and Kit are off to Beijing for 4 days so Kit needs to make everything okay between them before then And they always say, what happens in Beijing
Mr Insatiable es un libro que le hace tiempo Bueno, cuando digo leer quiero decir, lectura r pida Le le por encima y no quise leerlo entero No quer a perder tiempo dos veces con l No recuerdo ya mucho de este libro pero s que no me enamor Solo fue un libro m s, del mont n Sin protagonistas achuchables ni nada especial La trama es muy, muy corriente, y tira de un recurso f cil, a ade mucho sexo para rellenar el libro.Los protagonistas no me dijeron nada Ni para bien ni para mal Eran los dos tan rob ticos, y tan prototipos Ella era la t pica chica enamorada por siempre de su amigo, la chica timida, insegura y con problemas de autoestima Y con problemas de fertilidad eso es nuevo, ya, pero no me gusta como llev el tema la autora Esa es Enya, la t pica chica modosita y muy virginal que nunca ha hecho nada y que en secreto sue a con un semental que se lo ense e todo Y qui n es Kit Pues su mejor amigo Ese que est dispuesto a darle muchos, muchos orgasmos, y todo en nombre de la amistad Kit lo ha hecho todo, se ha acostado con tantas mujeres que ya no puede llevar la cuenta, ha hecho trios con el hermano de Enya, vamos, el prototipo de pecador dispuesto a redimirse por la chica buena a cambio de sexo las 24 horas Porque esta clase
Such a sweet and fun read I love the friends to lovers trope too much to pass this up Read it straight through and thoroughly enjoyed myself So what it was a little predictable I always felt that there are certain stories or tropes in romance that I ll never get tired of And the friend to
This was a lot better then i thought it would be..very sweet and cute great chemistry and likeable charactersA great friends to lovers story Mr Insatiable Serenity WoodsI received this book free from publisher in exchange for an honest review I don t gush and give false praise I don t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book I m new to Serenity s work but love a good romance with a bit of spice and this one was excellent Easy to read, good fun plot and some sensual sex scenes You need to suspend belief a bit to overcome how they get together her male best friend teaching her about sex.but then most fiction novels have some sections of implausibility and its necessary to carry the plot along This has some great elements of humour in it too along with some sadness for Enya and her past experiences I can see how they shaped her problems too and that worked well for me I need some sadness in my romance to balance the highs I just enjoy it better than way Kit well, sex on legs is a phrase one of my female friends often uses and its an accurate description of him but he s kind too and not just up his own ar e as so many good looking and popular guys are in books I felt for both of them for what they wanted out of life and why it seemed on the surface they would work but the problems they faced would go against them The content warning is accurate the sexual tension between them was definitely hot and the sex scenes well handled pun there not in
Nice title, hot cover and that s aobut it. Mr Insatiable is my first approach to Serenity Woods, and truth to be told it wasn t an incredible experience.Though the start seemed to be quite interesting, this book turned out to be painfully boring.I liked the fact that Enya and Kit were old friends and cared deeply about each other Enya is the sweet and innocent type of girl that has trust issues when it comes to men, justified by a past terrifying experience Kit is Enya s brother best friend and her best friend also He s sexy, successful, and well Mr Insatiable Enya on the other side, has never had an orgasm and believes that it s all her fault and that she s not good in bed Kit intends to convince her that the fault is not her s at all and that all she needs is to have sex with a person she trusts and cares deeply for Sweet, right Again, a promising start. only that it turned into not that interesting.For a 155 pages novella, you d expect the the book to be an intense read Well, in my case it wasn t intense at all It was plain boring.About 30 pages into the book I found it difficult to remain focused and I started to skip the pages Half way through the book I decided to quit reading it I only got to page 100 because I wanted to
5 SCORCHING HOT AS HELL STARS Every once a awhile you come across short, but oh so sweet books that surprise you in the best of ways This was one of those books It was hot, and I mean pull the fire alarm hot, sweet, honest and just plain sexy DAMN Where you been all my life And because I m a sucker for them, it s a friends to lovers type The story revolves around Kit Fawkes, a late twenty something who s close friends with his best friend s Tristan sister, Enya.They ve known each other for a long time and we learn that scandalous feelings were always simmering under the surface While at Tristan s wedding, things get a little hot and heavy and the story basically picks up from there There are secrets, break ups, betrayals and buried memories that threaten to tear these two apart, but no one counted on love to make the difference The blurb outlining what this book is about is also quite misleading It doesn t even touch the surface of how sweet and beautiful this story is Kit is the dream man He s hot, successful, sweet, honorable and quite t
3.5 StarsWhat a cute, sexy read Sometimes in romance novels, I dislike one, or both, of the leads, but I ll keep reading because the sex is well written or the storyline is actively engaging NOT the case here It was short, but I appreciated that the angst was on the backburner, and

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