The Heidelberg Ghost

The Heidelberg Ghost The Heidelberg Ghost Will Make You Want To Believe In Ghosts Even If You Don T Fall In Love With The Charming And Quirky Characters In This Fun Paranormal Romance And Adventure.The Story Life Is Good For Andrea Until That Fateful Night Of The Annual Ball At The Heidelberg Castle, When A Muck Covered Ring Lands Next To Her Foot In The Courtyard Attached To This Antique Ring Appears To Be A Very Handsome Ghost Good Thing That She Isn T Looking For Love Any Time Soon, Because How Ridiculous Would It Be Of Her To Fall In Love With A Spirit, Right After Being Accused Of Stealing The Princess Heirloom Ring And Jewelry Box, Volker Finds Himself Cursed By A Witch And Trapped On The Castle Grounds For Over 400 Years With No Glimmer Of Hope For His Miserable Ghostly Condition To Improve When He Realizes That The Pox Covered, Yet Beautiful, Peasant Woman Standing In The Courtyard Can See Him, He Knows That She S The One That Can Set Him Free The Only Trouble Is That He S Falling Head Over Heels In Love With The One That He Can Never Be With Escape The Stresses Of Everyday Life And Join Andi And Her Friends In Their Quest To Set Volker Free From His Ghostly Demise.Other Reasons Why You Will Love This Book Set In Germany With Its Rich History, Traditions, And Beliefs Yeah, Ireland Is Not The Only Place With Cool Castles, Ya Know It Ll Make You Laugh And It Ll Make You Cry A Modern Day Fairy Tale That Ll Make You Forget, You Had Dinner Cooking On The Stove Light, Amusing, And Thoroughly Entertaining Margaret Literary Chanteuse A Warm, Fuzzy, Fun Type Of Story I Was Thoroughly Immersed I Definitely Wanted To Keep Reading After The Last Page Jonel Boyko A Fun, Light And Engaging Read Which Was Helped Along By A Good Set Of Characters And A Love Story Which Was Just A Little Out Of The Normal Sara Wheeldon Are You Ready To Jump Into The Adventure Then Treat Yourself With A Copy Today. This novel did get off to a bit of a slow start, but by about a quarter of the way through I was hooked It also had such a fantastically happy ending that I couldn t help but smile It was a genuinely fun story that I definitely enjoyed.The author has a very approachable writing style It added to the fact that this was a very cute novel It was also a very consistent and fluently written novel The descriptions and narrative matched each other I appreciate the consistency as it adds to the upbeat aspects of the novel I enjoyed how the mystery was worked into the novel, without interrupting the flow of this novel And this novel did have a definite flow and progression from beginning to end The mystery also worked in tandem with the romantic aspects of the novel, neither overpowering the other.The characters themselves were quite well developed and absolutely adorable I enjoyed the fact that each character was an individuals and each had real life issues that they were dealing with The friendship and camaraderie between the characters
The Heidelberg Ghost by Nickie CochranI received this book in exchange for an honest review by the Author and the Lovers of Paranormal Group on Goodreads.comAn enjoyable read This book was a little slow to get started, but soon picked up speed The writing is smooth and the story unfolds effortlessly The plot is original and easy to follow making it a quick read The characters are well defined Basically the story surrounds a legend of a Ghostly Mason who will be set free once a stolen ring is returned to its box, Andrea returns to Germany and finds the ring and helps Volker the mason to find the box, with the help of 3 other couples I was a little disappointed that there was not enough romance in the book, despite there being ample opportunity between the four couples There are also a witch and a fairy who were main characters their powers were mentioned, but did not contribute much to the story line, and could have been expanded in much detail I am hoping
Thanks Goodreads First Reads for a free copy of the book.This was a fast, fun read about a young woman who leaves the US to return to her German hometown to work on her next novel Deciding she wants to include myths about the local castle in her story, she attends a Halloween party there and finds a long lost ring that brings one of the castle s resident ghosts to her attention Before she knows what s going on sh
Heidelberg being one of my favorite cities in Europe, I knew I had to read this story It did not disappoint A very light and amusing read The prequel focused on Peter and Belinda however this story is about Volker and Andi A ghost and the girl who falls in love with him How that is possible is truly where the fun in this story lies An interesting batch of characters that introduce you to this folklore fairy tale type of love story The kind that seems impossible unless you believe A surprisin
I won a copy of The Heidelberg Ghost by Nickie Cochran through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest, in exchange for an honest review This is a very entertaining modern day fairy tale set in Heidelberg, Germany, with a great set of characters that is sure to please This is the story about a ghost, Volker and a girl, Andi who falls in love with him This story is full of folklore and legends.Andrea Andi Morgan flew to Germany from Atlanta after her personal life fell apart, to be with her aunt Susi, and pursue her real passion, as a paranormal romance writer And what better place to stimulate and inspire the writing process, but to live in Germany with the scenic setting and haunted castles, and old folklore, to inspire her to write another novel.After touring the Heidelberg castle, Andi was told of a legend about the cursed mason, who is still haunting the castle The tour guide speak
If you re looking for a short, sweet and squeaky clean afternoon read, this is the book for you.Timid Andi returns to Heidelberg, Germany, after her life in the U.S falls apart Deciding to use Heidelberg Castle as inspiration for her next romance novel, she listens carefully to the guide s descriptions of the alleged ghosts and myths of the castle and during a costume party at the castle discovers for herself that the ghosts and myths are real Too make matters worse, she finds herself falling in love with a ghost.I would have liked a longer story with the real characters fleshed out a bit and maybe a little alone time for Andi and Volker to fall in lo
This book was a nice short read for whenever you have free time and just want to enjoy some time indoors It was a well written book and overall it was better than most books I have read, which is a lot I almost even cried which I never do It was a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone that has a thing for paranormal and romance It starts off with when Andi decides to return to Heidelberg, Germany, after her life in the U.S falls apart Deciding to use Heidelberg Castle as inspiration fo
I got this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review and I have to say I really enjoyed it.It s a fun, light and engaging read which was helped along by a good set of characters and a love story which was just a little out of the normal it was
i got this book from Lovers of Paranormal group for an honest review.The story did have potential and it was indeed intresting but i have to say that at times i found the book just couldn t keep me into its pagesi did like the story and the characters
I just finished this book and it was great I love the scenery description and also the fun banter between Volker and Andi and her friends I did get a little worried toward the end when the curse was ended and