A Year With Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno's Diary

A Year With Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno's DiaryProvocateur, Cult Figure, Cerebral Rock Star, And Studio Experimentalist, Brian Eno Has Greatly Influenced An Encyclopedia Of Styles From Art Rock To Punk To World Music To Techno To Ambient Music A Founding Member Of Roxy Music, He Went On To Work As A Solo Artist And A Producer Collaborator With U2, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Sting, Bono, And Others This Diary Covers Four Recording Projects In The Evolution. This book pretty much blew my mind into tiny shreds This book consists of Brian Eno s diary from the year 1995, and a set of swollen appendices of essays, letters, and other ramblings about everything from the lottery to generative music to screensavers to war and peace.1995 was a year in which Brian Eno worked on some of my favorite records of all time Including David Bowie s completely slept on masterpiece Outside which, along with Sugar s File Under Easy Listening and the Cure s Faith kinda totally got me through as much high school as I could take before dropping out , and U2 s underrated Passengers record What to say about Eno He is a truly brilliant thinker and scholar, a devoted father and husband, and completely dedicated worker He works tirelessly, every single day He works on 5 or 6 projects at once and impressively, he never blows a deadline never even comes close He works in an extremely organized fashion he sets up the architecture in which bands work He has an encyclopedic knowledge of recording He is obsessed with computer technology and music software I can t imagine what occupies him now in this regard, 13 years later.He travels incessantly He cares deeply abou
I am a mega fan of Roxy Music and Eno s first four solo albums including Discreet Music And I hate this book Basically Eno just name drops like crazy and lives the life of someone who isn t that interesting I was very disappointed with this book If it was charming that would be one thing, but he s a bore.The second part is a little bit interesting, but barely Look you rock or you don t rock And right now Eno s not rockin He s producing C
glamorous and insufferable and highly quotable highlights the interview about CD roms, Bono hagiographic parts, count to a billion, busted transsexual enthusiasms, the appendices, the outside character sheets, getting lost on the
I value this for its inspirational quality than anything it s not so much a book as created thing as it is a medium for the thoughts and ideas in Eno s head And a lot of ideas he has If I owned my own copy I borrowed this one from the library I cou
Loved this book A candid, funny, interesting glimpse inside an incredibly gifted and idiosyncratic artist, futurist, and thinker I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Lille 4 er Astas anbefaling Mikkel Thykier har gennem Barthes vistnok sammenlignet en brevkorrespondance mellem to mennesker som det at observere to mennesker se hinanden i jne, alts vendt i profil fra ens beskuerposition, men uanset hvor t t p vi kommer, aldrig nok til at se menneskerne i jnene Hvis en brevveksling kan siges at v re det, kan en dagbog m ske t nkes lidt som en maske, der uanset materiale gips, voks, latex kun kan angive et aftryk af et ansigts person og p samme m de heller ikke kan lade os se dette menneske i jnene Dagbogen har dog en helt anden form og en, der er til stor interesse for mig, n r dagene taler sammen, enten pga essayistiske observationer, autistiske vaner man pludselig opdager hos andre, m nstre og forandringer Sandor Marais dagbog fra 1984 1989 skildrer en helt tydelig nedgang med sm lyspunkter, der viser sig hovedsageligt i litteraturen som en frelser, og livet som noget andet, mere virkeligt end livet , det er hjertesk rende og h rd l sning Kafkas dagb ger, h bl st paranoide, hyperdetaljerede, akavede, indforst ede, virkelig komiske og observante p en vidunderlig, men ogs af volumen omfattende karakter, der g r det sv rt at overskue hele v rket Brian Eno der jo vel hovedsageligt t nkes p som musiker v lger i 1995 efter utallige rs fors g p at f re dagbog et helt r at fuldende sit m l Denne gang varer dagbogen til l ngere end 6 eller 7 j
This book is so strange, there were part I felt bored to death because it was too personal but there were parts that touched me deeply and inspired me as a visual artist and left me with oh Eno, you son of genius bitch It wasn t about his process in music or art as I thought to be This book has a lil bit of politics and rel
I originally wrote this in 2006 this version is edited from the one on my website Simply brilliant Eno is much than a musician, and his annotated diary for the year 1995 is much fascinating than one might expect He is an enormously complex and busy thinker, intimately connected to the most amazing people not just musicians though David Bowie, U2, Daniel Lanois, Luciano Pavarotti and others appear frequently throughout the year but luminaries in other realms, people like Stewart Brand How Buildings Learn , playwright Tom Stoppard, and Rem Koolhaas celebrated designer of the Seattle public library.I ve pulled out several fascinating quotes, some of them prescient, which are just a taste of the things he s written and thought about in all sorts of different realms Do all men leave this life feeling they ve seen nowhere near enough nude people, played with far too few private parts, made a pitifully inadequate contribution to the honeyed chorus of bottom slapping, tit sucking, cock pumping, belly bulging lust issuing from the planet, and generally not fulfilled their once extremely promising sexperimental destiny 20 February, p 56If I were a government I would probably want crimes such as Oklahoma City, that is the federal building bombed there to serve double duty by pinning them on people I wanted to target anyway while quickly and discreetly dispatching the real culprits 22 April, p 97 the face of fascism close up We do not want to know
Dimanche 6 avril 2014 Brian Eno affirme avoir tent plusieurs fois de tenir un journal personnel, sans jamais r ussir mener l entreprise au del du 6 janvier, mais il y est enfin parvenu tout au long de l ann e 1995 L ouvrage, intitul A year with swollen appendices Brian Eno s diary, a paru d s l ann e suivante, puis a t traduit en 1998 sous le titre Une ann e aux appendices gonfl s Journal C est un fort volume, de pr s de cinq cents pages, dans lequel le journal proprement parler est suivi des appendices en question, une quarantaine d essais sur diff rents sujets artistiques et culturels, crits la m me ann e Ce livre m a t offert voil quelques mois par un ami qui le poss dait et n en faisait pas grand chose, et j tais curieux de le lire parce que j aime bien les journaux, et surtout parce que je suis fan du musicien Eno A vrai dire je n ai pas trouv dans ces pages autant que j en esp rais, il s est av r que bien des aspects de la vie familiale, professionnelle ou mondaine de l auteur ne m int ressaient pas beaucoup Mais j voquerai ici quelques uns des points qui ont retenu mon attention Il y a dans les premi res pages, sous le tit
As usual with Eno, interesting and unique ideas pop up throughout the book bits of genius to spot It s a diary so sometimes often there are things that just didn t hold my attention for long Essays in the second half are m

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