Utopian Estates

Utopian Estates The Martian Dream Is To Have Your Own Home, Work A Nice Steady Job And Raise 1.2 Well Behaved Offspring Fiona And Ashley Feel Well On Their Way To Accomplishing This When They Make A Down Payment On Their New Home The Dream State Descends From There Just Add Water And Alien Shenanigans Will Commence Leading To An Adventure Of Extra Solar Dimensions Don T Forget To Pay The Homeowner S Association Fee As Learn About The Options In Utopian Estates, A Next You Novel. This is a great book, a well written science fiction book that will please sci fi fans and non sci fi fans alike It has tons of interesting characters in it that you will love The tension builds throughout the book, leading you to a great ending Think this book may have sequ
Fresh out of school and desperate for a job, Fiona is recruited by Ronnie, a mysterious Martian real estate mogul, to help him with an audacious construction project But there s something dangerous buried in the Martian soil they are digging up The story is told in a deadpan style, mixing hard SF with an offbeat sense of humor as the heroine contends with endless bureaucracy, fine print, and deadly threats like killer horny furniture, insane dehydrated aliens, and her lover s hot tempered vampire fighter pilot sister There is playful eroticism throughout the book I only note this here because I know well that there are some prudish readers who never want any explicit sexuality in their SF whatsoever But I thought it was fun and well handled, usually with a great sense of humor The love story between the h
I really wanted to give this a good rating, and I refrained from giving it a 2 star It hurts to do this but I have to be honest I loved the beginning, I found it great and intriguing I liked the characters and I liked the concepts, I liked the humour and nodded with agreement at the bureaucracy BS But after a while it fell apart and I couldn t get into it Which is ashame because I really enjoyed the earlier stuff, particularly Legacy of Daddy My main issue is that this seems to be two stories into one, somewhere between the middle and end the main focus on the story is wrapped up and suddenly they find themselves on another world which is part of the protagonists job and thus why they are there and it seems just thrown in They deal with different circumstances, which just felt thrown in, but is slightly connected to the first event and is open for the following book I see what this is like to a degree, it follows life, and not everything follows a beginning, middle, end or not so neatly but the point of a story is to have some point, and I felt that for the main characters there was next to none, except for the conflict and possible union of an alien race Another issue, Vampi
Review Stop Angus Day Utopian Estates September 15http tjsauthorcentral.wordpress.comEntertaining, Hilarious, and a Great ReadReading this on the heals of Day s, Destined for Something, I was not surprised to find hilarious hijinks, believable characters and plausible scenarios Everyone dreams of utopian estateslanding the dream job and Fiona Ellyssa McIntyre walks right into her idea of the perfect job The ideal boss has an air of mystery and intrigue about her or him Ronald Rockman is just such a boss How many bosses insist you call them Ronnie, anyway Little did Fiona realize that the fun began the moment she walked into the front door of Ronnie s offices After only a few minor faux pas our girl Friday soon finds it expedient to land on her feet rather than her keister Taking things in stride and learning quickly, she goes all out to prove herself the wise choice her boss hoped she would be She even surprises him with a few skills even he didn t know she