Recipe for Satisfaction

Recipe for SatisfactionA Sexy Category Romance From Entangled S Brazen Imprint Mixing Business With Pleasure Has Never Been So SexyBeing The Financial Caretaker For Her Deadbeat Parents Isn T The Life Professional Organizer Sterling Andrews Dreamed Of Tired Of Being The Dependable And Boring Daughter, Sterling Decides To Have A Little Fun And What Could Be Fun Than Seducing Rich Bad Boy Chef, Jack Vaughn Except, After One Scintillating Night Together, Sterling S Not Only Lusting For Jack, She S Working For Him And Remaining Professional Becomes Harder Every Day.Already A Major Success Thanks To His Exclusive Restaurants, Jack Vaughn Is Looking For Something Ultra Responsible Sterling Is Unlike Anyone Jack Has Met But She S His Employee Unwilling To Give Her Up, Jack Makes Sterling An Offer She Can T Refuse For Four Sexy Weekends, He Ll Indulge Her Most Wicked Fantasies With No Professional Strings Attached But Will Mixing Business With Pleasure Spell Disaster Or Will They Find The Recipe For Satisfaction 3.5 Getting the Recipe Right Stars 1 2 Spoiler FreeIt is comforting to know when you click a Brazen book, they always deliver smexy times wrapped with a storyline of two people who don t think they match for whatever reason, but then see they really are good together This is Gina Gordon s wheelhouse There is a new series coming out of this and will be coming In this first entry, we met all of the Madewood Brothers, all chefs with their own ways of doing things This book primarily is about sexy bad boy Jack and Sterling, a responsible, professional organizer who is seeing herself as boring and tired of being taken advantage by her parents Sterling is in a tricky situationshe s around this temptation, wants to be the professional she is, yet also feels the pull and want for this man who happens to be her bos
3 Take your pleasure Stars.Recipe for Satisfaction is a great introduction to the Madewood brothers Jack, Neil, Finn Cole, all chefs, with varying degrees of ink and piercings The chemistry between Sterling and Jack is like a smoking wok right from the start, I liked that both of these characters were not afraid to take what they wanted from each other sexually at any given time There s plenty of time for me to give you pleasure But first, take it for yourself Fall over that edge Let me watch you Let me hear you scream Sterling has been dared by her best friend Penn, to live a little and step out of her comfort zone Not wanting to be considered boring any she agrees and bumps into Jack, while suffering from a nasty bout of seasickness There s no way you could be boring, Sterling Boring girls don t come in public There were a couple of things that let this book down a little for me Firstly, Jack has a pierced tongue, and after their first initial encounter it isn t mentioned again, I was expecting lots of pierced sexyness and it turned out to be a one hit wonder I also got a tad bored with all of Sterling s family drama for the most part it didn t really seem necessary to the story, but as always this is just my opinion With a simple look he had managed to get her to open up, let go, and push through every barrier she d ever erec
This book was a suprise, a real little gem Gina Gordon, please tell me we will be seeing from the Madewood brother I can just see a beautiful little series being made from this family of boys.Brothers by circumstance we have, Finn, Cole, Neil and Jack, all taken from foster care to live with, wealthy woman Vivien Madewood She helps these boys grow into the men they are, she loved them and they loved her back Unfortunately when you start this book , their mother has just passed away from a long battle with breast cancer All the boys are feeling it.This book was based around Jack and Sterling.Beautiful, caring, doormat Sterling, has been taken advantage of by her parents since she can remember Her parents are gambling addicts and are in debt up to their eyeballs and dragging Sterling down with them.Poor girl needs some fun and this is where Jack comes in Bad boy Jack has a reputation as a ladies man and all around hedonist Sterling is tired of being responsible all the time and it getting her no where, so they make a deal to help each other This is where the book got fun,this is where the book got steamy.The back and forth conversations between the couple were lively Jack was the perfect gentlemen but also hot the perfe
My review can also be found on my blog Collections.2.5 starsI don t think this book is bad But my reason for the rating is because Recipe for Satisfaction is a story I ve read before with just slightly different characters and the main differences being the setting and the characters careers A lot of the contemporary romances I ve read seem to share the same basic plot Uptight woman and bad boy, who isn t really as bad as the rumors claim, fall for each other and have the best sex of their lives with each other But their relationship isn t suppose to be serious, so they are too afraid to admit that they re deeply in love Complications from their past cause them to argue and fight and break off whatever they had Someone or something brings them back together, making them realize how wrong they were, and they declare their love for each ot
I m a publicist with Entangled, but Gina Gordon is not my client I m writing this disclaimer because her book is published by Entangled I ve been a pretty active book reviewer for years, but I wanted to make all the above clear before you read my review Many might say my opinion is swayed because of my affiliation, but I ll leave that up to you to judge.During my latest binge into contemporary romance, I purchased Recipe for Satisfaction It was the first book of three I bought this book, Game for Marriage, and Vanilla on Top Actually, these books are all the January releases from Entangled s Brazen line If you follow me on twitter, you know I m obsessed with these books The covers are killer and the stories teeter the line between erotica and adult romance UghI love them.Recipe for Satisfaction is a contemporary romance with meat Beyond the steamy romance, Sterling Andrews is dealing with some major family drama Having known a person who had parents like hers, I could relate to her emotions It s a tough position to be in as a child and I thought she handled it well This chick is tough and I absolutely fell in love with her Unlike many of the weak female characters in contemporary romance, this girl holds her own Now that I got that out of the way, I can discus
The title for this book is spot on, because between these pages Gina Gordon really has created a recipe for satisfaction.Sterling Andrews professional organizer, parental baby sitter, woman in need of one wild night With bad boy Jack Vaughn, Sterling knows she is way out of her league but gives into temptation, regardless Unfortunately, an untimely interruption puts a quick end to the night and Sterling never expects to see Jack again afterwards Until he wants to hire her to organize and pack up his mother s house, who recently passed away And despite the fact that Sterling never mixes business with pleasure, she cannot get the sexy chef out of her head When he makes a seductive deal with her for the next four weekends, she can t refuse and is taken on a whirlwind journey of passion and romance But what will happen when their time is up I really liked this story Right away I connected with Sterling Andrews Wow, what a crappy home life she has come from and really surpassed to be a competent and successful business woman She s strong, independent, and I loved her Jack Vaughn was very much a swoon worthy leading man Fed up with the life style he was living and the image the media projected about him as well as coping with the death of his foster mother, he s ready for a change With Sterling he has found someone that see s the real Jack Vaughn, the real challenge is getting Sterling to let go, for
How did I feel about this book Yum Wow Holy crap, that s hot How was that Sterling Andrews is dependable So dependable that her parents routinely take advantage of her and are slowly killing any chance she has for a happy future Her best friend, Penn, forces her to attend a snazzy cruise charity event for the Madewood brothers There, as she is turning green from seasickness, Sterling decides to throw caution to the wind and hopefully not upchucking in the process and ditch her reputation by jumping one of the hottest guys I ve read about in a bookJack Vaughn He is the youngest of four foster brothers of the late Vivian Madewood He s hot, he can cook, and the man can make Sterling swoon with one glance After their night together, Jack is desperate to see Sterling again and decides to help her be daring as he takes her on a whirlwind romance of sex, sex, food, and sex.I felt incredibly sad for Sterling Her parents really suck Quite honestly, they are sucking the future from her She s struggling to stay postive while she s putting her sisters through school and while her parents drain her bank accound with their gambling She needed someone to be on her side Jack Jack, Jack, Jack Where can I get one of him Jack was what Sterling needed He was gentle and kind when she needed it
This was sexy and sweet, a great combo for a fun romance to curl up with at night Sterling didn t really wow me, but she was interesting enough with her bad girl side wanting to come out and play with the sexy and suave playboy Jack Sterling is a hard working, plain jane type who has been taken advantage of by her family her whole life Her useless parents oh, I hated them did everything in their power to take, take, and take again from her, and she d always just put up with it I m glad she was over all that when we meet her, because honestly I couldn t have put up with her letting them walk all over her She s finally getting a backbone, partly in thanks to the stronger woman that Jack has enticed out of her What started out as a one night night to be wild turned into anotherand anotherand maybe some weekends were thrown in thereyep, they couldn t keep their hands off each other for long, and it awoke the part of St
If you are after a quick hot read this fits the bill Great romantic escapism, I devoured it in an evening Yes it s a tad predictable, but it s well written, has endearing characters, a decent storyline and is steamy yet has some nice romantic moments.The relationships between the Madewood brothers brings wit and humour and they are all pretty delectable Whilst this book focusses on Jack and his sexcapades with Sterling, the foundations have been set for his brother s stories Jack was easy to love the bad boy of the brother
This was a fun, sweet , and quick read This is the first book in a series I would the next book, about the next brother I do agree with the reviews of a predicable story line, but it didn t bother me Sterling was a sweet and lovable h , I like