The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp

The Misinterpretation of Tara JuppCountry Girl Tara Is Whisked Off To 60s London To Become A Star There She Is Dressed, She Is Shown Off At Chelsea Parties, Photographed By The Best She Meets Songwriters, Singers, Designers, And Records Her Song And She Falls In Love With Two Men Behind The Buzz And Excitement Of Her Success, The Bitterness Between Her Elder Sister Lucy And Her Friend Matilda Haunts Tara Their Past Friendship Is Broken And Among The Secrets And The Strangeness Of Both Their Marriages, The Past Keeps On Reappearing. I think The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp is Eva Rice s fourth novel I might be wrong about that number, but in any case, it is the long awaited follow up to The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, which was published in 2005 I believe this book was originally slated to be published under the title The Dragonfly Summer, and it appears to have been delayed so many times I had started to think it would never see the light of day I m still not sure why, exactly, it has taken so long for this book to be published, but I was delighted to spot a review of it in a magazine and snapped it up as soon as I could although that somehow ended up being two months after it came out Tara Jupp, one of eight siblings growing up in 1950s Cornwall, is unsurprisingly the central character of this lengthy novel it s basically her life story, although her older sister Lucy and Lucy s childhood best friend Matilda also feature prominently As a horse mad teenager, Tara is perfectly happy with her idyllic country life, but her impressive singing voice leads to her being noticed by the manager of a record label Afterwards, she is offered the chance to record and perform her music in London, receives a glamorous makeov
Intial review written 1 7 13 I didn t know this was coming out, so the moment I found out I just sat in shock audibly saying, What what what Etc.Now that I m past the shock, I m SO EXCITED.I think The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp is the ever elusive Dragonfly Summer published under a new title I don t see a pre order option on yet, and I don t want to spend than I have to on the UK I literally just bought something there five minutes ago But I will if I have to, because I ve worshiped Eva Rice ever since I read The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets Or as close to worship as is healthy __________________________________ Review written post reading, 10 1 13 It s so hard for me to judge this book objectively But why must I be objective, really Of course The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp doesn t reach near that cherished spot in my heart where The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets lives I feel ridiculous that I feel the need to say that, but if you re reviewing a sort of sequel to one of your favourite books, these things just come up Still, I loved this.Firstly, it was all I could do not to squeal loudly every time there was mention or in some cases appearances of Harry, Penelope, and Charlotte Those are three of my dearest friends, you see.And as for Inigo, it was so strange to see that charm
I loved The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, it s a fantastic book and one that I was sad to put down So I was happy to discover that The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp features several of the characters from Secrets and with that in mind I bought it and jumped right in.Tara Jupp is one of my new favorite characters, she is so utterly herself that you really can t help but like her She is not a highly sophisticated young lady who strides around London with ease, but is instead a very countryside girl fresh from Cornwall who does her best in odd situations.Also the fact that in her youth she was an adamant reader of 1940 s pony books and is comfiest in Jods and an old blouse was fab.Returning characters come in several different shapes and forms, with some only showing up as a brief cameo or mention while others have a fully fledged out role.Tara s family are a
Oof One to file under not my thing , I think Just way too cosy and slow moving for my taste.Plus, the audio book narrator s decision to affect a terrible Westcountry accent is making me uncomfortable I m from the Westcountry We don t sound like that. Take one big happy family add some horses, a big country manor in Cornwall, plus doses of first love which doesn t go easily Shake it up and relocate to London mix with rock n roll and serve with love again This is the essential recipe for Eva Rice s new novel, a thick and satisfying feel good read.It s the story of Lucy and Tara, third and sixth of eight children in the Jupp family Pa is a country vicar, Ma died some years ago Lucy is a beauty who loves old buildings Pevsner is her bible , whereas Tara can sing but prefers horses Sneaking a ride on their neighbour s steeds and becoming friends with poor little rich girl Matilda, the daughter of the Manor, will change Tara and Lucy s lives forever, ending up with Tara becoming a pop star at seventeen in the ready to swing London of the early 1960s.Lucy and Tara are strong you
A delightful coming of age tale set in the rock n roll 50s and swinging 60s about the life and times of Tara Jupp, a budding singing star.I thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved the easy style of writing and the way it was told in the first person I really felt Tara was speaking to me personally The story just flowed along seamlessly and had me eagerly turning the pages I thought the characters were well drawn and believable, especially Tara and her sister, Lucy The whole atmosphere of the book caught the era perfectly It also vividly depicted the differences between the fast pace of life in swinging London and the sleepiness of living a countrified existence in Cornwall.I can only add I was hooked from the first page and I couldn t put the book down I
Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Londres par Hasard BakerStreet a eu la gentillesse de me proposer Freddie Friday et j ai eu la surprise de recevoir galement celui ci tant donn que j ai beaucoup aim le premier, et que je garde galement un bon souvenir de l Amour comme par Hasard, j avais h te de d couvrir celui ci Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire Tara vit avec son p re, vicaire d un petit village et sept fr res et soeurs Elle d couvre le monde dans l ombre de sa ravissante soeur Lucy en r vant de musique et du jeune Inigo Mais que s est il exactement pass entre vous La plume d Eva Rice est fluide, ses personnages sont d une grande richesse et les situations mises en sc ne souvent fantasques et dr les On ne s ennuie pas en compagnie de ses livres Sans tre une suite proprement parler, on retrouve en plus, ici, et avec grand plaisir, des protagonistes de l Amour comme par Hasard D s le d but, Tara nous harponne avec ses espoirs de petite fille, et on a de cesse de tourner les pages pour savoir ce qu elle va devenir et si ses r ves vont se r aliser En revanche, je ne sais pas si c est voulu, mais je n ai pas du tout accroch avec sa soeur, je l ai trouv go ste et prompte accuser les autres de ses malheurs, m me s il est vident qu elle a des excuses Enfin, l univers musical et historique est parfaitement d peint et particuli rement fouill J ai du mal croire que le lect
I really enjoyed this book, and came close to giving it five stars, but I found the ending slightly contrived and twee That aside, I wasn t able to put this book down, and found all the characters genuinely likeable The descriptions of the period and the great houses were convinc
Eva Rice s period nov els are kind of akin to curl ing up on a rainy day with hot, but tery crum pets and tea There s a warmth and nos tal gia to them, like you re set tling in for an hour or two of catch ing up with old friends.The Lost Art of Keep ing Secrets is one of my favourite all time books, one that I ve read too many times to count So when Quer cus con tacted me and asked if I d like to review The Mis in ter pre ta tion of Tara Jupp I jumped at the chance To my delight, the book arrived along side a hand writ ten note by the author and a CD fea tur ing the hit release sin gle of the main char ac ter, with lyrics writ ten by a cer tain Inigo Wal lace fans of The Lost Art of Keep ing Secrets will be pleased to dis cover that yes, famil iar faces do pop up in this book.Rice s skills as an author lie not only in her abil ity to bring the 1960 s so vividly to life, but in the way she writes real is tic, rounded and com pelling char ac ters Tara isn t as engag ing a hero ine as Pene lope, but I liked the nar ra tive choice to let the reader see the world through her eyes Tara feels like a young woman
Remember that delightfully retro novel The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets with the candy coloured cover that everyone seemed to be reading on public transport circa 2006 Well, this is Eva Rice s much anticipated follow up, which I think many of us assumed would never see the light of day after the release date kept shifting and eventually just disappeared altogether Disclaimer I don t recall much about Lost Art except that I enjoyed it Its vintage setting and period appropriate plot was a welcome change from your average mid noughties chick lit, but I don t have any great recollection of or love for some of the characters that cross over from that novel to this one Nearly a decade later, we have this meandering and bloated story of a naive country gal who falls in with the local nobs and rides the train of early 60s nepotism all the way from Cornwall to the Big Smoke The story is broken into three parts, with the first and most convincing focusing on vicar s daughter Tara and her unwieldy family, including ravishing eldest sister, Lucy Tara has a big voice and a love of that there rhythm and blues music from across the Atlantic Her sister is a history buff with a photographic memory and a soul deep love of Nikolaus Pevsner to go with her long legs and model looks yes, really Tara s weakness is for horses Lucy s is for houses Both find some completion in the local stately home Trellanack and thr