Night boys in

Night boys in Following Their Whirlwind Adventure In Tokyo, Francis Tenn And Christy Shaughn Find Themselves In A Whirlwind Of Another Kind, Rising Fame Francis And Christy Are Poised To Become The Face Of The New Rave Movement Taking DJ S Out From Behind The Decks And In Front Of The Camera All They Have To Do Is Make It Through The Weekend And Deliver The Goods On Their Hotly Anticipated Remix For A Certain Pop Star They Have A Job Of A Different Kind They Have To Deliver On As Well And In The Less Than Exotic Location Of Clacton On Sea During The Off Season According To Their Friend Max, Their Job Should Be Quite Easy Francis And Christy Expect A Quick Two Days In The Desolate Seaside Town Reminiscing Of Childhood Memories Along The Grand Pier Or Holidaying At The Local Butlins Holiday Camp They Re Only Meant To Be Bait, Helping The Local Vampire Hunter, F Jan Hadrian, With One Pesky Vampire Kidnapping Revellers Gone Down To Clacton For Partying But Is It Truly Only One This book, much like its predecessor In the Night, is an odd one I mean this in the best possible way I love odd things Not only were the vampires in this book of the non sparkling kind, but the hunters are two ordinary men which doubts and scruples Francis and Christy are no heroes in the dashing, hey, let s save the world kind of way They are struggling to do there best trying to protect who they love against monsters In this word things aren t simply black and white, like in real life things are complicated Even monsters have their stories and their motivations and sometimes we even come close to sympathise with them or at least feel pity for them What starts out as a new assignment, soon turns into an emotional roller coaster as we delve into the past of our main characters.For me, what adds to the story is the fact that a lot of the characters are gay although Christy would huff at this label and say he simply was sexual It gives us the POV of outsiders, of guys who are not your average scene queens who are only interested in getting high and getting laid They are people with a past, with regrets People who love and fight and make mistakes Aids also plays a part in this story, in a most non sensational and touching way.If you, like me, are tired of the average dark fantasy romance plots, give The Night Boys books a try You won t regret it I gave this four stars and not five simply becaus
You know a book is good when you want to throttle the author because of a cruel joke I m not going to go into detail, because I don t want to be accused of spoilers, but towards the end of the book, there s a scene that had me holding my breath because I couldn t believe what I was reading In the end said scene worked out and I could breathe easier, but for five minutes I was on the edge of my seat.That being said, Night Boys in If Looks Could Kill takes up the story of Christy and Francis a few months after the last book, In the Night There is a different vibe to the story It is strongly written and captivating Too many vampire hunter books focus on the gore, the sex, or the hunt, The Night Boys focus on the people The baddies are given a history that explains who they were and what made them what they are The heroes are regular blokes that you want to hang out with More of the past is revealed in t
Not your everyday vampire hunters What can I say This isn t your everyday vampire hunters No really, they aren t Different is one label you can slap on the front cover of this masterpiece with pride Fashion, music, and witty humorous comments that leave you smirking at the novel while nodding and saying, Well played Well written with characters that are not only believable but give the book a fresh breath of a

[Epub] Night boys in  By Diamant –
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  • 280 pages
  • Night boys in
  • Diamant
  • English
  • 08 July 2017
  • 9781479390243