Manipulated Into Fear

Manipulated Into Fear MANipulated Into Fear Is Based On A True Story About A Man I Went To High School With And Years Later Married And Divorced Three Times Within Thirteen Years His Name Was Rolf During This Time, I Was Living The Dark Side Of Life But Others Perceived Me As Living A Happy And Perfect Life Back In Our High School Days Rolf Grew Up As A Farmer And Drank Beer With His Buddies After High School He Began To Run With The Wrong Crowd And Changed Dramatically I Knew He Liked To Drink A Lot Of Beer And Liquor And Had Used Drugs In The Past, But I Was Not Aware Of His Addictive Personality And The Severity Of His Addictions At The Beginning Of Our Relationship Each Time He Portrayed Himself As The Man I Had Thought He Was Years Before Within A Period Of Time He Began To Manipulate Me Into Fear And Take Control Of My Life To Benefit Himself All Three Times In The Beginning Of My Relationship With Rolf He Was Dedicated To Christ, Was Family Oriented, Charming, Kind, Respectful, And Loving, Complimented Me All The Time, Apologized For His Actions, And Knew How To Make Me Feel Sorry For Him Shortly After I Would Marry Him He Would Begin To Manipulate And Con Me Into Doing Things I Did Not Want To Do Rolf Would Call Me Uncountable Times During The Day And Want To Know My Whereabouts He Then Insisted On Being With Me Except For When I Was At Work This Took My Time Away From Friends And Family, And That Is When The Mental Abuse Began He Stopped Complimenting Me And Began Calling Me Names Making Me Feel Worthless, And Told Me That Nobody Liked Me When I Would Accuse Him Of Wrongdoings He Would Become Outraged, Screaming At Me And Using Profanity After He Gained Control Of Me, The Physical Abuse Began Later, I Learned That I Had Repeatedly Been Involved With A Psychopath And That There Is Always A Pattern Get Out Of The Relationship And Don T Go Back The Person Will Never Change This true story is wonderful because it serves as a warning and an informative reference of antisocial behavior at its worse I applaud the author for sharing her difficult experience with the world I m reminded of my own childhood and now have a bit insight into some of the things my mother went through while raising me It was difficult for me when I was a young boy, and it s still difficult for me now as a man, to relate to and understand why a woman keeps hanging around Rolf type characters But I think MANipulated Into Fear has shed some light as to why that is.What s also revealed in this story is the effect a broken family can have on the development of a child and the adult that child will eventually become I can t help but think Rolf and some of the other men that Marvela encounters never would have caught her eye had she grown up with a solid parental foundation In any case, Rolf, the sociopathic salesman wh
A desperate and powerful story that I picked up from a chance meeting with the author at a book signing Her vulnerability and courage to share with others is inspirational. This is a heart wrenching story I started reading MANipulated Into Fear today and cannot put it down I lived with an alcoholic father until I was thirteen years old Their behavior patterns are universal They are loving and ideal people until they become inebriated with their drug of choice This book has a universal appeal to help identify and quantify addictive behavior Addictive people are insidious and able to hide their true nature from their victims Many victims take years to discern their victimization and usually do not identify the manipulation until they become a victim or a third party points it out for them Dr Laura Schlesinger states in
This is a fascinating look into the behavior of a sociopath, as well as the behavior of an intelligent woman whose dysfunctional background and low self esteem allows her to be manipulated by this sociopathic man Marvela Dawnay is a woman whose ability to be successful in her career is only surpassed by her seeming need to be emotionally battered by a
MANipulated into Fear There is Always a Pattern is a gripping account of how an intelligent, conscientious woman gets caught up in a destructive relationship with a serial abuser.In this first book, Marvela Dawnay grounds herself and engages the read
I happen to know the author and also know that this is a true story It reads like a diary because she is telling it from both memories and written notes taken as these events happened It is heartbreaking, frustrating, and yet amazes me that she was able to live through these events with her sanity intact Truth really is stranger than fiction.This book is the first in what is to be a 4 part series In book one you see how destructive patterns started in childhood have lead to a young woman who makes a tragic mistake in choosing a life partner Book two continues the patterns which have now washed down to the author s daughter Book three is in process and will hopefully be out by the end of this year.I on
This book moves at a riveting pace and keeps the reader in suspense as to what will occur next I recomend that everyone read it The characters are true to life and resonate with real life situations I can hardly wait to see what other works author Marvela Dawnay will produce An outstanding book A story worthy for the big screen The author has a talent for captivating the reader With brush strokes like an artist, the author paints a picture to bring you into the story Can t wait to read the sequel, White Roses In A Dream. Kudos to Marvela for giving voice to a complex issue that permeates all socio economic groups. This was an eye opening look into how my life could have been so much worse.This is an amazing book and I couldn t put it down.My thoughts are with this Author as she continues her writing journey.

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