Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Flatland: A Romance of Many DimensionsHow Would A Creature Limited To Two Dimensions Be Able To Grasp The Possibility Of A Third Edwin A Abbott S Droll And Delightful Romance Of Many Dimensions Explores This Conundrum In The Experiences Of His Protagonist, A Square, Whose Linear World Is Invaded By An Emissary Sphere Bringing The Gospel Of The Third Dimension Part Geometry Lesson, Part Social Satire, This Classic Work Of Science Fiction Brilliantly Succeeds In Enlarging All Readers Imaginations Beyond The Limits Of Their Respective Dimensional Prejudices This New Edition Begins With An Introduction By Rosemary Jann That Illuminates The Social And Intellectual Context That Produced The Work And Explains Its Relationship To The Theological Issues Central To Abbott S Career It Also Provides The Most Extensive Discussion To Date Of The Class And Gender Issues Raised By The Text And Of The Debates Over The Limits Of Scientific And Mathematical Knowledge In Which It Participated Flatland S Unique Combination Of Astute Social, Philosophical, And Mathematical Observations With Wit And Humor Can Be Read At Many Different Levels, And Will Prove Especially Enjoyable To Readers Of Victorian Literature And Philosophy. Take a classically styled, 19th century satire about Victorian social s dress it up in dimensional geometry involving anthropomorphized shapes e.g., lines, squares, cubes, etc bathe it in the sweet, scented waters of social commentary and wrap it all around humble, open minded Square as protagonist The result is Flatland, a unique classic parked at the intersection of a number of different genres, thus pinging the radar of a wider than normal audience to appreciate or detest it Since I m recommending the book, I m really hoping for the former, as I do not want to incur a cyber flogging or worse from my fellow goodreaders Soummath Let s get this out of the way right now As I alluded to in my intro, this book contains MATH Now I hesitate to even mention that, because of the potential angst that subject causes many of my friends I certainly don t want people going all and dashing away in a panic Rest easy and increase your calm, the math is very minor It s really limited to discussions of geometric figures in the context of how
When you read this book, keep two things in mind First, it was written back in 1880, when relativity had not yet been invented, when quantum theory was not yet discovered, when only a handful of mathematicians had the courage yet to challenge Euclid and imagine curved space geometries and geometries with infinite dimensionality As such, it is an absolutely brilliant work of speculative mathematics deftly hidden in a peculiar but strangely amusing social satire.Second, its point, even about itself, is still as apropos today as it was then We still do not really know what the true dimensionality of the Universe is It seems somehow unlikely that it is just four , even in terms of spacetime dimensions String theory talks seriously about thousands of dimensions Quantum theory implements very seriously infinite numbers of dimensions And yet we are still stuck in our 3 space dimensions mentally, hardly able to visualize the 4 in which we live properly unless we study theoretical physics for a decade or three, and utterly unable to mentally imagine those four embedded in a veritable Hilbert s Grand Hotel of dimensions.Ultimately, this is a
. A curious little novella about a man a two dimensional world thinking literally out of the box First he explains his world in which the angles you have the higher social status you have in Flatland Circles being the highest rank He meets someone from Lineland one dimensional who is incapable of understanding Flatland and he meets Sphere from Spaceland three dimenions and he is able himself to comprehend the difference between up and North However, Sphere cannot extrapolate to 4 dimensions and when the protagonist returns to Flatland and tries to explain Spaceland, he is imprisoned as a heretic The text is a social criticism on the rigid thinkin
When it comes to genre this book is in its own let me call it satirical math It anybody can come up with a better term, I am opened to suggestions The story takes part in a flat country universe where everything has only width and height in other words, in a flat surface, like a picture All the women in the country are straight lines and men are equilateral polygons the sides, the higher the status in their society The top guy has so many sides he is indistinguishable from a circle for all practical purposes The hero of the tale is a Square His story consists of two parts The first part describes his flat country and boy, did Edwin A Abbott went full satirical on Victorian society The second part discusses an interesting mathematical topic Have you ever wonder what it would mean if we have fourth dimension in addition to our three The author tries to explain it by analogy our poor Square got to visit 3 D world and he is completely unable to grasp the idea of third dimension Still, at least some concepts are understandable.Is the tale highly original and imaginative Yes, without any doubt Was it written under some drug influence Probably, considering the availability of them during the time the book was written Is it worth reading The answer is, it depends What was your reaction to the word mathematics during your school year and possible college If upon hearing it you would start heavy sweating, your heart would develop some serio
This book should not be read in hopes of finding an entertaining story As a novel, it s terrible It s plot if you can call it that is simple and contrived But, it wasn t written as a novel.Flatland is a mathematical essay, meant to explain a point that higher dimensions than length, depth and width may be present in our universe, but if they are, it will be nearly impossible for us to understand them.The story itself consists of a two dimensional world Flatland , in which there are people of assorted shapes These shapes live regular lives, just as we do The protagonist a square , is visited by a sphere, which tries to explain to him the existence of a third dimension This proves difficult, though, because to the square in flatland, the sphere appears to be nothing than a circle that can expand, contract, disappear and reappear.In the course of the explanation, the b
I give it an extra star for it s originality, it s uniqueness The concept was genius, Abbott was probably a math genius himself However, as a work of literature it does not hold up well It has a shadowy similarity to Gulliver s Travels, but falls well short of that Swift classic. This was one crazy, opium fuelled, brilliant book about geometry and different dimensions and I am going to explain it the best way I can but Edwin A Abbott does it so much better.Here is a story of Square who is a square and lives in a two dimensional world of geometrical figures The first part of the book talks about the social breakdown of the Flatland and it is a thinly disguised satire on the Victorian society People are divided into classes according to their geometry and the worst off are women who are not even figures they are just straight lines They have few rights and no one actually takes their intellect seriously On the other hand they are dangerous because being straight lines they can easily pierce any figure A woman from behind looks just like a dot, you might miss her until it s to late and she has stabbed you Different parts of Flatland developed different strategies for dealing with the danger, from not allowing women to leave their houses, to forcing them to constantly wiggle their bums, so they are visible from far They
I used to be a renegade, I used to fool around But I couldn t take the punishment and had to settle down Now I m playing it real straight, and yes, I cut my hair You might think I m crazy, but I don t even care Because I can tell what s going onIt s hip to be square Huey Lewis And The News Hip To Be SquareAccording to IMDB, several film adaptations have been made of Flatland, but no blockbusting Pixar DreamWorks extravaganza just yet If they do make one I can t imagine a appropriate theme song than the above Huey Lewis And The News number Flatland is set in a two dimensional world and narrated in the first person by a square or A Square as appears on the original edition s book cover In the first half of the book Square gives us a tour of his world where women are straight lines and, if you are symmetrical, the sides you have the better This means that circles are the elite of this society because they are really polygons with zillions of super tiny sides Irregular polygons are abominations and isosceles are plebeians Special laws are applied to women because they are capable of accidentally stabbing people to death due to their pointiness Use of colours is banned because they can be used as disguises How these geometric persons move around without legs is deliberately left unexplained with a bit of lampshading The second half of the book tells the remarkable story of Square s adventures in lands of different d
At the outset the 5 stars are entirely subjective I love maths, I love playing mathematical games, I love philosophising about maths So this book is perfect for me But if maths is not your cup of tea, you may not enjoy it as much as I did.I first read about this book in one of Martin Gardner s Mathematical Games anthologies, and was enthralled by the concept In fact, he discusses two books Flatland by Edwin A Abbot and An Episode of Flatland by Charles Hinton written with the same premise He says Hinton s book is better, and I have managed to locate an online version recently, but have not had time to read it so far We live in a world of three dimensions It is easy for us to deal with one dimension the line , two dimensions the plane and three dimensions space But can we conceptualise a fourth dimension It is well nigh impossible, for our whole being is tied up on this three dimensional paradigm.Abbot s fictional world is two dimensional The characters move about on a flat landscape They cannot imagine a third dimension Th

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