Good Night, Animals

Good Night, Animals A Beautiful Illustrated Book Made Especially For Ebook Readers.This Is A Wonderful Bedtime Book For Children Who Love Animals.The Story Has Beautiful Illustrations Of Animals Like Lamb,cow, Dog ,cat, Lion, Tiger, Bear,snail..Parents And Babies Will Delight In The Funny Rhymes That Will Make Them Laugh. This book was pretty cute It was simple and had some rhyming, although the rhyming seemed a little forced sometimes, unlike the witticisms of Dr Seuss But the illustrations made it work much better than the text alone and I think kids would like the different animals.My Favorite Picture The snail Awful, the art is bad, the rhymes are bad, and the last 20% of the book is advertisements for the authors other books.Worst rhyme Goodnight snail, dream with kale actually had an exclamation mark, once there was actually three In a row