Love Tokens

Love Tokens Chanda Is The Lord Of Honey Flower House, Which Specializes In Catering To Those Who Have A Taste For The Paranormal Between The Sheets Being An Incubus Makes Him All The Better At The Job, Even If The Job Makes Him Lonely Then A Demon Appears On His Doorstep In Search Of A Missing Person, And Chanda Is Quickly Reminded Why He Prefers The Relatively Quiet Life As Master Of A Pleasure House. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I think just about everyone knows how much I love Megan Derr by now I finally got to meet her at GRL and she was so sweet This story is similar in a lot of ways to her other stories and enough of a divergence from the shorts I m accustomed to reading from her mostly in tone that it was a surprise and delight to read.Chanda is quite an old incubus, but nowhere near in age to the unusual demon that visits his brothel, the Honey Flower House The demon intrigues Chanda from the start even though he has good reason to avoid their kind forever He must have been summoned by an incredibly powerful man, because even if he doesn t look it, the demon is the most powerful that Chanda has come across in all his centuries And that makes Chanda nervous, even though the demon tries to woo him, however forcefully.Aside from his games, the demon has been summoned to find a young noble who has fled before his arranged marriage Yet, if Chanda understands who exactly the demon and his summoner is searching for, then something else must be going on other than simply running away from a charmed life To get to the bottom of the mystery, t
3.65 This is different from other stories I ve read by Ms Derr, darker and violent I guess.Chanda is the owner of a brothel and an incubus, one of his employees is being sought by a demon Azar.Chanda had a very bad experience with a demon and doesn t want to fall for Azar, but the demon really, really wants the incubus.He was very possessive and very forceful in his claiming and marking, it was a bit much for me, but I guess he s a demon and t
I want a demon lover who will bring me love tokens like this Is this really too much to ask Not for me. Cole definitely wrote a better and insightful review of this story than I It s not one of my favorite Megan Derr s shorts I m not too fond of the demon s possessive attitude It s a nice thing to have, but at the same time it is also a bit overused shifters stories, mostly Also the flow of the story moving back and forth from Azar s possessiveness and attraction to Chanda to the case that they have to solve is a bit rocky it s not as smooth as
Eh, not for me Also, I think Megan Derr s short stories novellas are generally not for me Love some of her novels though. Megan Derr is one of those authors who I enjoy from time to time, but not for long Love Tokens was cute, little thing, that was exactly what I ve expected It had quite predictible plot, and not really developed characters None of the characters was much than few adjectives, and mostly they were described by narrative, not by their actions Which is a pity, because the premise of the story was really good.I really liked Megan s take on incubus making them intelligent, and a bit than always hard sex addicts I would love of Chanda and Azar, as the hint of the dynamic between them was interesting And, you know I totally approve of this particular love token Recommended if you need something easy, short and enjoyable for one eveni
Only Megan Derr would gift wrap a demon in a cute little package Chanda, an incubus, is the owner and proprietor of a pleasure house and is getting by just fine when his life is interrupted by a demon looking for a runaway noble Sparks fly between the two, especially when the demon in question, Azar, stakes a claim without so much as a by your leave Unfortunately for him, regardless of the attraction, Chanda has a no demons policy, even if he s finding it difficult to follow through with it.I enjoyed the characters in this one and don t want to say anything else for fear of giving too much away I will say that I adored the love token , however
I may be biased, but I just can t read a Megan Derr story that I don t like Chanda is a demon and the lord of a brothel When another demon barges into his life, searching for a missing person, Chanda reluctantly assists Although the story was short, there was an amazing amount of
I won this copyLoved Azar s romantic love token for Chanda I d like to see of this universe, just a tantalising glimpse in this short story.