GRINGA - In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord

GRINGA - In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord A TRAGIC, MODERN DAY LOVE STORY He S A Ruthless, Drug Lord Who Kills At The Slightest Provocation She S A Sassy, Foul Mouth, Twenty One Year Old Who Takes Crap From No One Put Them Together And Watch The Sparks Fly And Fists.Add Their Greedy, Backstabbing, Amoral Families To The Mix And You Have Mayhem.Add The FBI To The Mayhem And You Have Tragedy Gringa Is A Modern Day, Tragic Love Story That Will Have You Laughing, Crying, Gasping And Above All Wishing There Was.WARNING This Book Contains Language Your Mother Would Definitely NOT Approve Of, Scorching Sex Scenes That May Keep You Up At Night, Unnecessary And Un Called For Violence And Is Not Suitable For Anyone Under The Age Of 18 Or Anyone Seeking World Peace Just Yet 18 Years That Is, Not Months Well, Months Too Put Them Together And Watch The Sparks Fly And Fists. Okay, I don t even know what to say about this It was AWFUL So fucking awful that it was almost humorous HOWEVER, it was also so weird that I find myself wanting to read the second one, just to see where the FUCK this is going It s like when someone says, Hey, do you want to see something really gross Yes, yes I do, actually.Or when someone holds something up to you and says, Oh my God, smell this And I do Because I m ri goddamn diculously stupid I want to know wher
EDIT 18 Apr 2014 Note review date add blockquote spoiler tags re blurbPosted 12 Sept 2012 Deceptive and misleadingI am disgusted and embarrassed to admit that I thought the blurb interesting but wacky enough to download when available as a Kindle freebie But I ll suck it up so that no one else has the same experience, whether for free or not.WARNING This particular product is not a romance there is no sex, no seduction in any form but RAPE AND MORE RAPE CONTINUAL RAPE.Yes, I used caps Why Because I want potential buyers to know this upfront While I firmly believe people can read whatever they wish, that choice should be based on truth, not deception The author should have been as honest about the repeated rapes as she was about the violence EDIT ADD And no, not because I have anything against rape in books please P.L Nunn s Bloodraven is one of my all time favs Just didn t expect it in this book And if trying to be a non con dark read, then it failed that as well I am beyond PO d that I got suckered into reading this, and then kept hoping that with the next page, the story would do a 180 and the off beat romance would start not Like some of the others, I downloaded this after reading the blurb, which is buried somewhere within the excerpt, so allow me view spoiler A TRAGIC, MODERN DAY LOVE STORY He s a ruthless, drug lord who kills at the slightest provocation she s a sassy, foul mouth, twenty one year old who takes crap from no
Three wordsREMOVE FROM DEVICEI finished reading this story last night at 9 32 p.m and before the clock tripped 9 33 p.m it was gone from my Kindle forever I am not even going to rate it, because I honesty don t know what to put So what did I like I ll have to come back to this oneI can t think of anything right now So what did I not like First, the story takes place in Mexico so many main characters do not speak English So it was a struggle for me to work through the broken English and determine if it was an error or was it supposed to be written that way.Okay now, before I go onI m going to add spoilers The kind of spoilers that tell you that Miss Scarlet did it, in the kitchen with the candlestickso if you want to read this book and be surprised, shocked, pissedthen stop here and do NOT read the next section view spoiler Okay, the book opens with Payton recovering from being shot Diablo shoots her, throws her off the cliff, and somehow she survives When he finds out he ends up taking her captive, rapes her repeatedly, and basically makes her stay with him and his screwed up family So, somehow the FBI find Payton alone on the
4.5 stars for meOh where to start I came across this book after reading a couple of strong alpha male romances Based on the cover, I didn t quite know what to expect I was most not expecting this book to be so good This book is laugh out loud funny and it is also very sad You will laugh a lot and also cry like a baby.The love scenes are HOT, HOT, HOT The romance is real One thing that I like from this author now that I have read all her books is that she takes time to develop her characters as well as develop the romance There is no zero to 60 in 3 seconds here Her characters are flawed and multi dimentional They also experience growth throughout the book There are plenty of twists and turns in ths book to keep you guessing
. 5 farking awesome stars This review covers all four books It s not every day you read a book about violence, abuse, rape, drugs, bunch of criminals and you can laugh your ass off And when the FBI makes appearence things become really interesting But after all it s an incredibly beautiful love story, modern version of the Beauty and the Beast.What I loved most was the writing style and dialogues, their mexican english was farking awesome And the characters crazy, nuts all of them They were so funny, I adored every single one of them I even enjoyed Tongue, whos trademark foreplay was black eye, at one moment The book just wouldn t b
I got this book free on so I was skeptical The typos irritated me but the story kept me reading The violence and sex scenes were intense but was a necessary part of the story Amazing series Loved all four books and will d
I ve read some doozies before but this one takes the cake Good thing it was free. Dark and brutal, one woman s quest for survival by any means will take one down a path of jagged glass, each step uncomfortably painful and gut slashing Diablo and his minions are vile, evil and abusive, their greatest weapons, fear and domination They take what they want, when they want it, including Payton, an American on vacation who was in the wrong place at the wrong time To Diablo, women are toys to be played with and tossed away when he is finished, yet so many of his captives seem to have some strange respect for him, or is it a understandable fear Payton s only plan Survive, block out the pain, humiliation and brutal force used on her Dark humor, defiance and finally a fa ade of acquiescence are her only defenses What her future holds is anyone s guess, but Diablo figures to play a big part Will the prey turn tables on the hunter Right out of the gate, I have to say, this novella will not be for everyone, even the strong of stomach may cringe at the dehumanizing brutality towards women But one must also note the inner strength of those who must endure this life Eve Rabi is not writing a bedtime story here, unless you enjoy nightmares Gringa In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord is dark, short and filled with flawed characters, but there brief moments of dark humor that take some of the edge off Ms Rabi has sugar coated nothing, with dramatic and raw scenes, dialogue that feels like a rasping tool o
This book made me laugh ma ass off and cry my head off I absolutely loved it.This Authors books are different from normal same old same old romance Her books are really full of sex, violence, and cussing but you will be riveted I m am a fan