Rise of the Black Faun (The Adventures of the 19XX, #1)

Rise of the Black Faun (The Adventures of the 19XX, #1) A Comic Book Profiling The 1930s The Story Features A Group Called The 19XX, Comprised Of Adventurers, Scientists, Explorers From Every Allied Country Assigned To Search The Globe And Fight A Battle Far From The Public Eye Their Mission Is To Track Down Every Powerful Relic, Every Modern Or Undiscovered Weapon, And Every Magic Incantation Ever Uttered On The Earth S Crust. I wasn t expecting much out of this, but the story actually managed to be pretty interesting The art wasn t wonderful, and some of the dialog is klunky, but the overall story, of inventors and magicians working together to fend off evil organization the Black Faun It has a 30 s serial feel, bolstered by a few real world charact
Estamos en los a os 30 19XX es una organizaci n con base en un gigantesco dirigible que combina los ltimos avances t cnicos con la magia para defender el mundo de los poderes malignos En este caso una antigua sociedad secreta centroeuropea que quiere hacerse con diversas reliquias como parte de su plan hacia la dominaci n mundial.As contado no parece excesivamente original Y en efecto no lo es A n as podr a haber sido i
I was browsing around and stumbled across this AWESOME webcomic the other day and, as per usual, powered through the whole archives in a day or so.Until I read this, I never really realized that dieselpunk is ALL THE THINGS I LOVE, and this story is, I think, a really great, yet subtle example of the genre It gives a great fictional backstory to the cause of the world wars, with badass characters to carry out the crime fighting against the mystical supernatural bad guys.Definit
Picked this up from the author at the 2012 L.A Times Festival of Books It s about a group of scientists and adventurers, some with super powers, that aims to fight evil wherever it finds it The art is pretty good, but the story is so so If you like The Avengers mixed with World War II themes