Nest of Serpents

Nest of Serpents With Friends Turning Into Enemies, Can Drew Find His Way Out Of This War Alive The Entire Kingdom Of Lyssia Is Now At War, And The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn While Drew And His Ragtag Army Defend The Throne Against Ratlords And Crowlords, Gretchen And Whitley Venture On A Harrowing Journey Through The Perilous Dyrewood But None Of The Werelords Counted On The Return Of The Most Terrifying Monster Of Them All Final rating 4 5 starsHmI think i prefer previous three books to this one But it s still cool in its own way Anyway, very good sequel to Wereworld series There were plot twists once again i always welcome plot twists and unpredictability and many fights, battles, struggles, treacheries, new alliances, deaths of characters and lot P.S Wyldermen are very, extremely very creepy people I don t like cannibals, and they creep the hell out of me Not to mention Vala, the snake goddess I think i will have traumas Too bad that i just adore snakes.____________________________________________ Characters ____________________________________________I noticed that this time the spotlight was on the two ladies who were missing in the previous book Whitley and Gretchen, and we get to see of Trent, Drew s brother But, this time, there is nothing about the battle of Omir and the characters there, and the rest of the Wolf council didn t appear, but one of them is alive Oh i do hope to see Vega in the next book since it s called Storm of Sharks, and Vega is a shark Drew is once again being charismatic, awesome and brave I am glad that Trent finally got it in his head that Drew is not his enemy, and now i am glad to see him appear and eee Whitley and Gretchen were awesome as always, with Gretchen turning back to her former you are the peasant, human form xD I am glad that Bergan
Wanted to finish the book, but it was past midnight So reluctantly I closed this book, to finish it the next day and I did finished another great book in this series the very next day Really, it was amazing and ended with another cliffhanger just like the previous boo
I was super excited when I realised that there was a new book in the Wereworld series out After having been left on a cliffhanger at the end of the fourth book, I was eager to pick this one up and start it straight away The first part re introduces the reader to all the characters and picks up the thread of their stories Hector, Drew, Whitley and Gretchen, alolng with Drew s brother Trent are scattered throughout Lyssia Drew is helping the Staglords defend themselves against the Werelion Prince Lucas, whilst Gretchen and Whitley are headed for Brackenholme and safety As the story progresses, an old foe returns to put everyone s lives in danger.As I ve read each book in this series, I ve been continually impressed and amazed at the sheer scale and scope of the story and the Wereworld universe There s now a huge cast of interesting characters with new faces appearing all the time The only problem is keeping track of all of their names Sometimes I have to check back to make sure I remember who someone is correctl
Personal response I liked this book since I am into fighting and mythical creatures This is a really good series of books Each one is just as good as the last one.Plot Summary The book was about a wereserpent named Vala and her worshipers The Wyermen attacked the woodland city of Bekonheme Meanwhile in Stormdale, Drew the werewolf was helping the stage lords children defend their city Back in Bekonheme, Witney the werebear and Gretchen the werefox are facing Vala in the throne room of Bekonheme Gretchen got thrown from the room and was rescued by Drew s adopted brother Trent After the battle in Stormdale Drew heard that Vala was attacking the bears city He immediately left for Bekonheme with his friend Milo one of the Stage lords sons When he got there he saw hundreds of wyermen around the great oak When he was in danger he howled and called hundreds of wolfs When he got up to
I ve fallen in love with this series and hope it never ends but the war in Lyssia won t last forever.With the supporters of the Wolves taking a beating from every corner and troops arriving across the ocean from Bast things certainly look bleak.Drew Ferran a.k.a the future king is trying to lend his aid to all his supporters but he s only one Lycanthrope and now disabled after his capture in Cape Gala The beasts of Bast march on to suppress Lyssia while the Cannibal Wylderman have Brackenholm in their sights after news Lord Berghan is missing.His friends are spread out over the land learning who they are and how to survive this cursed War.The story is told from the different view points of Drews friends giving a full picture of the trials of war, love and friendship Characters in the same situation write from their perspective which is really unique and you can see where loyalties truly lie.Cover art
When a book as good as Wereworld Shadow of the Hawk was written you wouldn t think Curtis Jobling wouldn t even come close to topping it and yet it Nest of Serpents is the best book by far in the series Shadow of the Hawk was the evolution of the series as it took of gritty and dark atmosphere with a lot overwhelming odds for the heroes to overcome Nest of Serpents is another step in right direction as it s character s are fleshed and are made too feel like human s then unstoppable Were animals Let s also not forget the areas described in the book which can be en
This is probably one of my favorite books that I have ever read I wish that Curtis Jobling would make this series longer than just six books I think this series is better than Eragon, which is a similar series that I have read Also my favorite part is when Dre
The twists and turns of this series, alone, is enough to keep you reading. My name is Hector, and few of my former friends suspect I m secretly working for the armies of Prince Lucas It helps to have an ability to speak with the dead, and I hope to sneak my way into the Iceland fortress Others call me Blackhand as the dark magic slowly takes over my body, and my murdered brother s voice still counsels me I often wonder what s become of my close friend Drew, but I suspect he s been killed by now The wolf was changing, and he didn t have the stomach to become king The Lionguard and the panther s armies are spreading death and destruction across Lyssia I will take my place alongside Prince Lucas when the resistance is finally quashed, although I still have small doubts in the back of my mind The cats have never shown much loyalty to other Werelords, but I m sure they ll make an exception for me.This book has come a long way from the first one in the series Full out war is going on between the armies of the Werecats and the supporters of Drew, the Werewolf destined to rule the realms The fighting and violence are again at the forefront My pet peeve is when books tell the story from multiple settings, and this series has consistently done that I hadn t read the third book in awhile, so the various settings and dozens of characters became muddled I couldn t clearly remember their roles or their corresponding type of animals Most of the main characters maintain human forms and only transform into animals when fighting Supporting char
I loved this book too I m so sucked into this whole series, so glad my local librarian recommended it to me The action is non stop and trying to figure out who is the enemy and who is the friend changes all the time and keeps me on my toes I so totally love Drew, he s my favorite character in this series When he faced Vala and howled for help I wasn t sure what would happen, but when all the wolves showed up to take down the Wylderman I was estatic, could have jumpe

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