Tea Time

Tea Time Come, Have A Seat Meet Ms May And Ms Joyce Anderson Two Loveable, Spunky Residents Of The Crossroads Nursing Home As They Sit Together For Afternoon Tea But Keep Your Wits About You, There S To This Place Than Meets The Eye Tea Time Is A Saki Short Story And To Say Any Would Give Too Much Away, But One Thing S For Certain, This Is A Tea Party You Will Never Forget Disturbing Subject Matter Not Overly Graphic But Weak Stomachs Be Advised Two little old ladies enjoying tea in the rest home.I could imagine them sitting there, bantering back and forth, sipping tea, listening to the radio, becoming drowsy..I really loved this book well, except for the Ewww Factor ending. ETA Regarding the term Grammar Nazi which is bandied about so casually 1 I personally detest that term b c it trivialises a horrific shameful part of recent human history It s also lazy hyperbolic 2 GR is for book lovers, no Books, no matter the genre, consist of sentences Sentences are comprised of words words which require proper order structure to make sense Thus, proper grammar, punctuation syntax are basic building blocks And analogised to construction, the lack a shoddily built house w unreliable foundation leaky roof.Think a missing comma is stupid Here s the oft favoured comeback Let s eat, Grandpa Let s eat Grandpa If someone doesn t notice or can t see the difference, then I question her his reading comprehension Especially if things are glossed over 3 Of course, the above is hopelessly lost on anyone who doesn t know when to capitalise proper terms or the difference b n possessive and plural.So fuck off, learn some courtesy go back to grammar school ORIGINAL REVIEW Storytelling is one thing competent writing is quite another.It shocked me that I almost didn t finish what turned out to be a story of only 6 Kindle pages screen 15 pages must include all the post story info But the author sought reviews so I finished it Very
Ms May and Ms Joyce are elderly residents at Crossroads Nursing Home, and we visit them during an afternoon tea served by their caretaker Rob The ladies chat, listen to the radio, and tsk tsk about the sad state of affairs in the world Silly woman s lib protesters wanting than their proper place Scandalous Sports clothing in woman s sizes Outrageous A local high school teacher having sex with her students Harlot.Something about their tea makes them so forgetful Why, it puts them right to sleep What happens to May and Joyce when Rob comes back to collect their tea things during their drugged afternoon nap Unspeakable.My favorite type of horror story should make me squirm without showing the splatter and blow by blow of the monster s savagery This story is it Tea Time delivers a charming fa ade over the disturbing evil of
I m going to keep my review brief, there are some good things about this book and some not so good things.Firstly, I did enjoy the exchange between the old ladies in the book Their dialogue made it easy for me to imagine their characters.Unfortunately, the book was a little too short to get into any real depth
Tea Time is a very short story about two elderly women bantering over tea in their nursing home until they fall asleep Once they re knocked out, something horrible happens to them I think the author could have added details and or expanded the story, but it was a decent read I give th
It was ok The writing was good I can totally picture two sweet little old ladies sitting and enjoying tea theat cover design is just gorgeous But it wasn t really horror ish if that makes sense It wasn t scary More like Ew What the fuck 2 stars for not being particularly scary or very memorable,
I gave this story four stars because I see a lot of potential in his writing style I really enjoyed the banter between the elderly women and he set quite a nice picture The ending will shock some, but its nothing you haven t already seen on the news An
HorribleThe story was ridiculous Very misleading Would not recommend to anyone Don t waste your time with this one Don t do it Ew.