The Stone Thrower

The Stone Thrower Hits The Target Every Time The Guardian The Stone Thrower Is Best Viewed As A Window On Marek S Distinctive Imagination, In Which The Mundane Waltzes With The Macabre This Bold Young Writer Is Refreshing The Form The Financial Times Adam Marek Is One Of The Best Things To Have Happened To The Short Story This Century His Stories Might Be Strange, Delicious Or Haunting But They Re Always Compelling Any Day Now The Word Marekian Is Going To Enter The Language Get In On The Act Early Read Him Now Alison MacLeodIntelligent Clothing, Superhero Dictators, Contagion Carrying Computer Games, Cross Species Reproduction Welcome To The Strange And Startling World Of Adam Marek A Menagerie Of Futuristic Technology, Sinister Traditions And Scientifically Grounded Superpowers A Place Where The Absurd And The Mundane Are Not Merely Bedfellows, But Interbreed.Pulsing At The Core Of Adam Marek S Much Anticipated Second Collection Is A Single, Unifying Theme A Parent S Instinct To Protect A Particularly Vulnerable Child Whether Set Amid Unnerving Visions Of The Near Future, Or Grounded In The Domestic Here And Now, These Stories Demonstrate That, Sometimes, Only Outright Surrealism Can Do Justice To The Merciless Strangeness Of Reality, Only The Fantastically Illogical Can Steel Us Against What Ordinary Life Threatens The Fragility Of Children Is Overwhelming In This Collection In Stories Beautiful And Strange, Marek Tries To Build A Kind Of Fortress Against What Would Truly Break Us This Is Writing As Exorcism And Prayer, Words To Dispel Brutality And Fate David Vann So this book is branded as science fiction One thing it definitely isn t is hard SF I d say A Thousand Seams and An Industrial Evolution are soft SF But don t expect anything close to the far sight and imaginative concepts of, say, Bradbury They deal vaguely with things that could probably be technologically possible within the next decade Fewer Things and Dead Fish are nice pieces of ecofiction depicting a bleak future with widespread pollution and could probably fall within the real of SF Remember the Bride who got Stung and Tamagotchi are simply bad the latter would only have had an element of novelty if it had been written in 96 Earthquakes is low fantasy with an unusual POV and Burying Chiyoko Sasaki is a superb drama but not even remotely connected to speculating about the future Why 4 starts then While I d give 2 stars to the choice to market it as SF and the concepts are nothing to write home about, the plots are soli
I lost interest in this book about halfway through, distracted by other books It s not a bad book, just a very early one This is Marek s second short story collection, and is the first time I ve read any of his stuff As with most short story collections, it is a mixed bag The stories range in quality from OK to excellent Of those that I read, I would only put a few on the Excellent end of the scale Many didn t make much of an impression on me looking at the contents page as I write this, I am struggling to recall a few of them Some of the not that great stories were entertaining partly because I could imagine Marek writing them, having fun playing around with the craft.This is an early collection from an up and coming writer Those stories that I genui
Well that was very, very good I don t think you should be able to read a book of short stories cover to cover Each story should have a sort of impactingness that means you need to roll back, take a drink of coffee, have a short walk, and allow the shape of it to be absorbed and ingested Marek delivers this impactingness in spades from the first story on If there is a theme that runs through these stories it is that of the interaction between adult and child, particularly children that are facing some kind of difficulty or othe
I really like this writer His first collection, Instruction Manual for Swallowing, was full of darkly comic stories laced with a skewed reality that really appealed to me The same is true of many of the stories in this collection, but there is an added seriousness, and even a sense of melancholy that wasn t there before A number of the stories in The Stone Thrower are about parenthood or filial relations, specifically a parent s need to protect a child from harm,
An entertaining collection, although many of the stories lack the overt elements of fantasy and the absurd that characterised Marek s earlier book Instruction manual for swallowing Instead, there is often a creeping sense of fear and dread which can be very effective The recurring theme of parents protecting their children is well explored and makes this a cohere
Before even reading Adam Marek s short story collection The Stone Thrower a book that openly states its themes of parental protection and vulnerability right on the back cover I began to worry that I would be slogging through a dozen or so stories written by someone who has been made soft and sentimental by the idea of what they do to nurture their offspring or, perhaps even worse, stories written by so
I am an Adam Marek fan and enjoyed this second collection My favourite story out of this is Tamogotchi where the famous Sky Badger makes his appearance Marek s wife later set up a children s charity named after Sky Badger Some of these stories such as The Captain were so absorbing that I wish
A good collection of dark short stories.My favourites were An Industrial evolution for it s imagination and sadness, about cloned, humanoid and employed orangutangs, then Tamagotchi for its funny, dark inventiveness, and then Burying Chiyoko Sasaki for it s
Some of the thirteen short stories in this collection I loved, others I weren t too keen on I m not sure whether they are literary fiction or sci fi or a completely different genre, but they definitely show that Adam Marek has one hell of an imagination I d definitely say give them a go. This is a seriously compelling collection of stories, many of which are still sloshing about in my memory weeks after reading them THE STONE THROWER is even better than Adam Marek s first collection, and that s saying something.

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