The Cat With Seven Names

The Cat With Seven Names In A Busy Urban Neighborhood, Six Very Different Individuals Who Don T Know Each Other Have Something In Common They All Relish The Companionship Of A Friendly Cat That Roams The Area From A Librarian To A Homeless War Veteran To A Little Girl Who S Just Moved In, This Cat Makes Everyone S World A Little Brighter, A Little Less Lonely.Each Neighbor Is Unaware Of The Cat S Visits With Everyone Else, So He Goes By Many Different Names Stuart Little, Dove, Placido The Cat Answers To Them All Only When A Near Accident Threatens The Cat Does Everyone Learn His True Identity And Owner In Learning About Each Other, The People In The Neighborhood Come Together As A Community.THE CAT WITH SEVEN NAMES Is A Heartfelt Story That Reflects The Need And Desire Of All People To Be A Part Of A Community, To Have A Connection With Someone Or Something Be It Animal Or Human Told From The Perspective Of Each Of The Six Neighbors, Tony Johnston Introduces Point Of View To Readers Of All Ages, While Christine Davenier S Loose Watercolor Illustrations Beautifully Depict The Diversity Of The World Around Us. Oh my heart This book is so dear I m not ashamed to say that it made me shed a few tears Soooo loverly One cat visits many different people, earning seven names and many meals along the way He starts off by wandering into a librarian s home and, after feeding hims some fish, she dubs him Stuart Little He then makes friends with an elderly gentleman, Hispanic man, police officer, homeless guy, and young girl new to the neighborhood Each gives him a name, many feed him, and the young girl s mom points out that this is one obese kitty At the end of the story, the cat is nearly hit by a car and all of his temporary owners get to know one another The cat s official owner shows up to take him home and it s revealed that the cat s name is Regis The temporary owners get to know one another and it s nice to see that those in need of some human interaction find a friendly face Each character has a fresh and distinctive voice, which makes this a great book to use for writing instruction I also really like that no one gives the cat milk The story isn t terribly original it reminds
Johnston introduces us to a stray cat who romps through an urban neighborhood making new friends Every neighbor has a name for the rogue tomcat and almost everyone feeds the full figured male except the homeless man who can t feed himself Tacos, tuna fish, Big Mac s Oh, my Of course, like every good picture book, Johnston saves the best for last when she brings the community together to save the cat and back into the hands of his rightful owner It s a good thing our hero had nine lives and even bett
Humans come together for many different reasons, and this sweet story features a plump cat that somehow manages to bring together six different families As the gray cat wanders into their separate lives, each of the men, women, and a girl offer it food, a new name, and accept its companionship Brought together by their concern for the feline when he is almost struck by a car, all of them find that they have something in common despite their differences Something tells me that they ll never be lonely again, thanks to a cat that knew his way around the neighborhood as well as a
I liked the concept of giving us a glimpse into the seven different peoples lives You could really hear each character s voice as they narrated their portion of the story, and I really appreciated this differentiation The ending bothered me a bit as it just felt a little too contrived and unrealistic I mean, I kn
A wandering cat brings a group of strangers together The cat touches each person s life in a different way and is called by a different name by each person When the cat is almost hit by a car, everyone becomes acquainted with one another and the cat and his rightful owner are reunited.The storytelling here is superb All of the characters and stories are woven together like a fine tapestry Illustrations were rendered using ink and colored pencils This is one of my favor
Beautiful watercolor sketches tell a story of a wandering cat who surprises several people by visiting and having a bite to eat, then moving on He brings cheer to an older, lonely man, a librarian, a homeless man, and others There is a surprise ending which will cheer readers, too. I just happened to come across this book today I must say, it is a wonderful story about a cat who brings strangers together and makes a community stronger. A cute story, but I am not a fan of the art. One of the perks of my current job is that I end up seeing a lot of current books Most of them claim to be social studies related, but there are many different ways to interpret what that means It can be history, geography, or just personal relationships Which means that pretty much any book can qualify One book came across my desk at the end of last year that I didn t think I d like, but ended up loving The Cat with Seven Names, written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Christine Davenier I m not generally a cat person I do have one it might be because I have one , I m really a dog lover But this book, and the message in the book, captured my heart.In a busy neighborhood, filled with brownstone apartments, different people go about their lives They don t necessarily interact with each other, they pass each other on the streets, but don t say hello, don t even notice each other they just hurry about their business Like most of us do A cat came to my back door one day Gray, with white paws Nobody visits me much I put down the book I was reading I am a librarian , and I let him in.The kind woman feeds the cat, reads some books with him, and feels the love and comp

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  • The Cat With Seven Names
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  • 13 July 2018
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