The Lost Night

The Lost NightEven The Mysterious World Of Harmony Has People Who Don T Quite Fit In They Re Drawn To Places Like Rainshadow Island, A Beautiful Sanctuary Where Anyone Can Feel Safe And Where Secrets Are Closely Guarded.Schooled In An Exotic Form Of Martial Arts, And With The Ability To Detect Auras Of Dangerous Psychic Criminals, Rachel Blake And Her Dust Bunny Companion Have Found Peace And Quiet On Rainshadow Island, Operating A Bookstore And Caf.But Her Tranquil New Life Is Thrown Into Chaos When Harry Sebastian, The Descendant Of A Notorious Pirate, Arrives To Investigate Strange Developments In The Privately Owned Woods Know As The Preserve.Immediately Drawn To The Amber Eyes Woman, Harry Must Tread Carefully While Rachel S Special Talents Can Help Him Track Down Dangerous Rogues Who Have Violated The Preserve, They Can Also Sense The Heart Of Darkness Within Him But Desire Can Weaken The Toughest Of Defenses And Leave Even The Strongest Man Wanting. Let me tell you all a story about Jilly s wild youth as a hip vegetarian girl who lived in Los Angeles in the 80 s 90 s The patchouli wearing, blonde dreadlocks, surfer hippy dudes would always have some sort of gimmick to pick up girls It might have been that they handed you a friendship bracelet, or talked to you about an upcoming PETA demonstration, or tried to impress you with their Greenpeace membership And, that was fine with me if he was cute enough, but the one guy who would annoy the crap out of me at parties was Mr Aura Cleaner It was always some dude in tie dye who would step in front of you when you were trying to get to the bathroom or the keg and would tell you that he can see your aura and needs to clean it for you right now Ugh I remember one of these aura cleaners getting me stuck on a front porch with him while he waved his hand in front of my face and acted like he was picking bugs out of the air in front of me He then handed me little pieces of crystals and proceeded to explain how they would help me in life I knew what would really help me in life another beer, a interesting companion, or a cock blocker to show up at that moment Because getting away from an aura cleaner was like t
The Lost Night is 2nd book in the Rainshadow Series and we go back to and takes us back to the isolated Rainshadow Island, and its inhabitants.Harry Sebastian, descendant of one of the original settlers of Rainshadow Island, has been asked by his family to find out what is happening at the island s mysterious Preserve He meets up with Rachel Bonner, whose psychic power is that of recognizing evil auras in people She has settled on the island with her dustbunnynaturally.and runs her great aunt s quirky bookstore and cafebut strange things have been happening to her lately.and the two now have to work together to finding out what is going on.Nice amount of suspense, romance, with great secondary characters and lots of twists and turns.Jayne Castle s vivid
Don t worry legends always survive the truth This was my first book by Jayne Castle and its a promising start to The Rainbow series The author incorporates sci fi and futuristic elements without confusing the reader It s easy to grasp the parascience involved if you have read about stories featuring psychics.She constructs an intriguing world, similar to Earth but with its own unique charm Darwina, the dust bunny steals the show in this one False memories are worse than no memories Rachel was a likeable female lead She was strong, loyal, sorted and self aware She was dealing with amnesia, 12 missing hours and I like it when the title actually links to the story.Harry Sebastian was here to investigate unstable energy in the Preserve but the residents won t open up to an outsider He was protective, logical and thorough.Both of them had some cool psychic powers and they team up to solve the mystery and keep each other alive Throw in som
It was ok but I must admit I don t find it very memorable at all It s still linked loosely with the Arcane series in that it s linked to Canyons of Night I believe there s going to be another 2 books set in Rain shadow, I hope they ll get interesting because JAK is still one of my favorite authors. FYI This review is written by a huge Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz fan I have been reading her books for over 15 years now and I have no plans on stopping Rachel Blake has an unusual psychic talent as an aura healer, and an unusual childhood After trying to fit in with the mainstream community and finding that it isn t working for her, she moves to Rainshadow Island There she reopen s her Aunts bookstore and sells not only books she also sells her very own specially blended just for you teas Soon she meets Harry Sebastian who has been to Rainshadow Island to check on the unusual paranormal activity happening in the Preserve, his family s private woods.Harry is drawn to Rachel and thinks she might be the key in helping find out what is going on at the Preserve After all, she is the only person who has ever gone missing in the Preserve and lived even though she doesn t remember it.Big surprise I loved The Lost Night I always feel like Jayne Castle s characters are people I wish I knew in re
Though i usually love amanda quick, i did not like this universe which is somewhere in space with dust bunnies as protectors of homes, it all felt flat. Jayne Ann Krentz, present, Amanda Quick, past and Jayne Castle, future I love these books and look forward to each one I like the paranormal activities and the family ties through the ages The future takes place on Harmony, where there is a long lost alien civilization, whic some people from long ago earth can use psychic
Very good Darwina was awesome, glad to see the sub tropes harmonic communities and zen etc started in the older Orchid and the inability to fit into mainstream society from Hidden Talents grow up here I liked this one, loved Amberella and Darwina was adorable, the little adrenaline ju
This novel was an absolute pre order for me I love the Harmony and Arcane series All of the books are designed to be read as a standalone, but I have read them in order since book one The Lost Night offers up a suspenseful paranormal mystery with a healthy side dish of romance Every time I open a Castle novel I find a delicious escape The novel centers on Rachel Blake an aura healer who was raised in a Harmonic Enlightenment community Rachel doesn t quite fit in and after trying life in the big city she chooses to reopen her Aunt s bookstore and caf on Rainshadow Island There has been a lot of unexplained paranormal activity near the Preserves and Harry Sebastian is sent in to take a look The Preserves is a dangerous sanctuary filled with psi energy Despite safeguards and warnings, would be treasure hunters and explorers enter and never return When Harry shows up on the island and asks for Rachel s help, she had no idea how much her life is about to change The tale that unfolds is filled with suspense, monsters, romance and enough twists to keep me turning the pages.Castle always provides delightful characters that I can connected with Rachel is sweet, caring and trying to find her way She is confident in who she is, but very unsure how others perceive her She has a remarkable gift,

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