Runescribe A Story I Wrote For My Roommate A Runescribe Meets With Disaster On His Way To A Job Interview Near Blind Without His Glasses, Regarded As A Burden To His Family, Tyri Left His Clan To Attempt A Career As A Runescribe In The City But Finding A Job Proves Difficult Than Anticipated, And His Last Hope To Avoid Being Thrown Out On The Streets Depends On The Interview He Has That Morning A Morning Immediately Ruined By Way Of A Storm And A Stranger Who Accidentally Breaks His Glasses. Nice little novella with some very cute characters Who knows, maybe one day Megan Derr decide to turn it into a full novel Those characters are worth it. RTC 3.5 5 Really cute story, very short and sweet Didn t find anything in particular wrong with it, this was just ok for me I enjoy Megan Derr s writing, but unfortunately I wasn t wowed by this one, I think her writing style is well suited towards full length novels. So cute I would have loved a full length version of this book it felt like a nice prologue into what could be a sweet fantasy series I would LOVE for this to be expanded to a full length story. 3.5 Personally, I think this is the kind of story Megan Derr does best Tyri is such a sweetheart and the whole thing is ADORABLE Short stuff that managed to put a smile on my face when I finished Great4 I enjoyed this one Ms Derr has a great ability of writing a good short story that gives us enough information about the characters to work the story and keep the reader entertained and being able to complete the story yet still wanting from
It was but a first chapter and the story ended before it even began.It s a pity, I like it when characters have some kind of disability and have to work around it in order to survive. I read the first iteration of Runescribe on Ms Derr s website as a free ficlet I loved it then and I loved this fleshed out version as well.They were, or less, the same story Same events, same plots, same frame of the story, with details and fleshed out world buildings, background history, and details I felt that this one was benefited from Ms Derr s experience with writing the Tales of the High Court series With the added details on Tyri s background and exposition on Rathe.It would be nice to read the sequel on how will their work love lives together be like After all, there is no denying that Tyri will still be in the inferior position in the relationship, as the employee Even though, it was establish from the start, that Rathe is the bossy one Tyri will still be in the position where he cannot say no His internal monologues, for me, said that he would feel too indebted to Rathe to voiced his concerns, unless it s really important But it was all d