Awaken, My Love

Awaken, My LoveTrapped In A Dull Marriage And Career, Elaine Awakens One Morning In 19th Century Scotland To Find Herself In The Body Of A Bride With An Aristocratic Husband As She Begins To Adjust To This New Life, Elaine Is Drawn To Her Mysterious Spouse Who Appears To Have Secrets Of His Own Still Elaine Wonders How She Managed To Travel Through Time And If She Ll Ever Go Home Again. Las escenas hot tardan en llegar Pero si algo se puede decir que es los libros de esta mujer no son una mera sucesi n de escenas En ste vemos, adem s de los problemas que plantea la situaci n de retroceder en el tiempo, fuera comodidades del siglo XX XXI, temas como el sentimiento de culpa por una supuesta infidelidad en realiad real porque ella no es ella.La influencia de la educaci n no puedo comentar m s sin spoilear y, siguiendo la l
Se nota que es un primer libro y, aunque en algunos momentos es bastante lioso, la forma de escribir de la autora lo compensa. Elaine Metcliffe, a 20th century, middle aged woman of average looks, slightly overweight, with a 9 5 job as an analyst has been married for 17 years to a man who has truly shared little of himself intimately, or otherwise, with her She realizes one night as she falls asleep after pleasuring herself that her life has been lonelier with him than before him, and she has much of the same to look forward to Such a bleak existence Her last wish before sleep overtakes her is to have a life with love and intimacy, and as she awakens in the a.m., destiny is well on its way to fulfilling her heartfelt request, just not in the 20th century Charles Mortimer, a 19th century English baron, has been married for a year to a beautiful bride that is as cold and passionless as she is beautiful He has waited for an entire year for her to turn 21 and begin his conjugal relationship with her, as agreed It has been pure agony for him, for he is not the sort to look elsewhere for sexual fulfillment However, over the year, he has seen much deeper than the outer beauty which bewitched him at his first meeting with her and which led to this hopeles
This is the novel that launched Robin Schone as a great writer blending historical and erotica seamlesslyand I m glad this isn t the first book I ve read If it were, I wouldn t have given this author a chance.I was intrigued by the book s description of time travel, I m always fascinated with how characters deal with the century they re in, which is very different from what they re used to Not only did the heroine Elaine time travel, she also traveled from one country to another She s from Chicago then she was transported to Dorset, and since this author writes in riddles, I didn t quite catch when exactly she occupied Morrigan s body.The pace was very slow, and the heroine didn t even use that time to get accustomed to her surroundings I understand the shock and impossibility of it, but Elaine didn t handle it well I ve read several novels with time travel in it and most of the characters adapted well to their new environment, even took it as an adventure.Of course there were a lot of questio
3.75 stars Qu buen libro Ser que en mis comienzos le muchos viajes en el tiempo y es una tem tica que me atrae, pero realmente no me perder a leer este g nero y encima escrito por Robin Schone Y no me defraud para nada, tiene las t picas cuestiones que una se plantea acerca de viajar a otro tiempo con todas las incomodidades que esto implica El libro tiene algunos puntos flojos me hubiera gustado saber m s acerca de la vida de Morrigan en el cuerpo de Elaine, por ejemplo , pero al fin y al cabo te
This is the second book I ve read from Robin Schone The first was the lady s tutor I love the way there is no boring chapter This book is a good mix of time traveling and erotica historical And the HEA is a great. 3.5 stars I was big into time travel romances in the 1980 s, with Constance O Day Flannery being my favorite Haven t read anything like that, besides Outlander , for ages.This is a case of body swap Elaine, a 39 year old modern woman who s husband isn t interested in having much of a sex life, with Morrigan, a 21 year old 19th century woman who is pretty much frigid.The story stays with Elaine We see nothing of the future after Elaine goes back in time I put modern in quotes because Elaine didn t feel quite so modern to me even accounting for the fact that this book was first published 15 years ago Despite being in high tech and having The Joy of Sex hidden under her bed, she was still rather uncomfortable with her own body, and not just in a 20 lbs overweight sort of way She was also very timid Part of it was the initial not talking thing, which was blamed on wh
Awaken, My Love is my first read by Robin Schone Not like her usual erotica historical romance, this one like paranormal time travel that take historical setting Elaine in her thirthies, if I remember well she s 36, give and take, has a rocky relationship with her husband One day she woke up in another woman body and transfer back to 19th century still, if I remember well, I read this almost 2 years ago She must face her husband,Lord Charles Mortimer Aka the husband of woman that her body she trapped of Because Charles is furious with her to deny his sexual need Some things I remember are, I got the contraceptional idea here Such as Elaine use lemon and insert it into her sex not the lemon, its like the lemon used to wet the sponge , to prevent pregnancy Oh, I just know about that Then some sex position that Charles introduced to Elaine, from Kama Sutra or maybe The Perfume Gard

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