Pagan Portals

Pagan Portals This Book Will Guide You If You Wish To Read About Hedge Witchcraft As A Pathway, Or Are Already Following Such A Path And Wish To Progress It Only Has A Little About Hedge Riding As This Book Has Too Small A Scope To Include It Please Read The Accompanying Book In The Pagan Portal Series, Hedge Riding. A gift for myself because treatyoshelf AdequateOkay for beginner Nothing here that s not already in dozens of much better books This takes only about an hour to read and seems like a long magazine article than a book. A very basic volume that confirmed that I am mostly hedgewitch, but the book suffers from being very region specific As a Southern Hemisphere witch, I don t have ready access to the trees and hedgerows she cites A nice introduction though, if you live in the UK. There is not enough information in this book to make it worth buying. It s a small and cheap book, so it s obvious the content won t go really in depth, but this book should have been entitled Neo Pagan basics I wanted to learn about hedge witchcraft We are told in the introduction that hedge witchcraft is a combination of 2 things solitary witchcraft based on personal experience instead of established tradition, and hedge riding Then we re told that hedge riding is developed in a 2nd book of the same series So this book feels incomplete It only addresses the basics of paganism the 8 festivals, connecting with the elements, tree lore, herbal lore It s a decent summary, and I found interesting info in the chapter de
This little book has all you need to know about the basics of Hedge Witchcraft Harmonia starts by introducing us to what Hedge Witches do, how they connect with nature and the spirit of a place, it also introduces us to ritual tools and familiars.It then goes on to describe the Celtic festivals of the year and how a hedge witch views them, along with a good section on the elements and the magic that they hold.The section on Sacred Trees takes us through each tree and what charac
Nice Synopsis of Being a Hedge WitchHarmonia does a great job in explaining about being a Hedge Witch She uses a lot of personal experience and how to s to make your experience worth while I give Harmonia 5 Stars for it is easy to read, and her personal anecdotes make it a pleasure to read Great accurate introduction to hedgecraft I wish it were longer. Good introduction of a topic I knew very little about Short book though so it s pretty basic Still, interesting read

KINDLE ✽ Pagan Portals  Author Harmonia Saille –
  • Paperback
  • 76 pages
  • Pagan Portals
  • Harmonia Saille
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9781780993331