Pecha Kucha & English Language Teaching

Pecha Kucha & English Language Teaching I Saw My First Pecha Kucha Over Three Years Ago It Was When I Was Working At Universidad Andres Bello At Campus Casona In Santiago With The Students In The English Pedagogy Program I Admit I Ve Been Fascinated By Pecha Kucha Ever Since That First Time I Remember Being Very Impressed By The Performance I Watched There Were A Number Of Reasons For This For Now, Let Me Share With You Why I Find Pecha Kucha To Be So Impressive And Fascinating As A Presentation Technique Firstly, When We Speak Of Our First Time Doing Something Enjoyable, It S Always A Good Feeling We Like What We Like, We Know What We Like, And Because Of That, We Return Often, To What We Like As You Can Tell By Now, I Like Pecha Kucha Secondly, Its Principles Are Easy To Understand And Apply It S Fast, It S Efficient, It S Effective, It S Collaborative, It S Visual, It S Easy To Prepare, It S Fun However, It Does Require Practice, Lots Of It, To Do This Really Well Practice, Oh What A Sweet Word In The Ears Of Any EFL Teacher Students Practicing What They Are Going To Say, Again And Again, Going Over Their Own Words, To Speak About Images They Themselves Have Selected Volumes Of Practice, Huge Quantities Of Practice, Helping The Students To Achieve The Eventual Automaticity That Is The Hallmark Of Mastery Of All The Principles Of The Pecha Kucha, The Most Important Principle Is This Images Are Powerful Images Convey Meaning And Emotions In Fact, The Whole Range Of The Human Experience Can Be Conveyed By Images For Example, Think Of The Images Left On The Walls Of Caves By Cave Men No One Needs A Cave Man To Verbalize What You Are Seeing You Feel It Through Your Eyes To Your Brain To Your Emotions It S Visual Storytelling That S What The Pecha Kucha Is, Visual Literacy In Its Purest Form Pecha Kucha is a new phenomenon for me, even though Professor Baker states that it has been around since 2003.As a public speaker and Spanish Civil War lecturer, I thought I would take a closer look at these Chit Chat teaching methods, in order to enhance my own lectures Don t go thinking I am a University graduate or professor No, I am asked to give lectures on various subjects to clubs and associations because I have studied said subjects over long periods of time Ok, so back to the review I believe that it must be getting harder for teachers to keep children s attention span in class, what with phones and I Pads hidden under desks But I doubt Mr Baker has that problem because in this book he kept my attention all the way through with his methods of describing, detailing, showing slides at intervals and, of course, his personable and engaging writing tone So, imagine what this system of teaching can do live, in a classroom.I am very impressed and would like to look into this subject in greater detail, because I read this book This is a great way to deliver a lecture and therefore, I must thank, Thomas Baker for bringing this to my attention.I strongly believe that initiatives, like Pecha Kucha, which develops interaction both spoken and visual in the classroom, are highly necessary in t
Until I picked Changing The Classroom by professor Thomas Baker, I didn t know a thing about Pecha Kucha or this wonderfully different way of teaching technique.Intrigued by the title I was never a fan of sitting in classrooms, always preferring to learn in my own way I borrowed this book from a friend who recommended it passionately, claiming that here was a whole new way of learning.Well, I can say, disappointed I was not Written in conversational, engaging, easy to relate way, this book presents us with a fascinating technique that seems to be suitable for all education levels Pecha Kucha literally means Chit Chat, and it seems to live up to this simplified description by using a fast paced presentation style full of images to convey the meaning a highly effective communication in our world of shortened attention span A mother of school age kids I know all about this modern day problem and the inability of our school system to deal with it In our world of social media, it seems that the image
Pecha Kucha, Where have you been all my life I had just recently heard about this technique invented by two Japanese architects when they wanted to give a spot on presentation This method developed into a boon since 2003 by educators as an amazing tool to teach English Language Learners and As an educator I wish I had stumbled upon this during my years I spent in the classroom Thomas Baker s book is what I would highly recommend to get you started Being a highly acclaimed educator, Professor Thomas Baker teachers English and is the coordinator of the English Department in Chile His vast knowledge of the inner workings of this method are portrayed here in his book What I loved about this book was the easy format to follow It will explain how Pecha Kucha is unlike any other teaching tool you know It will explain how to use the diversified slide version using 20 slides with 20 seconds for each student to speak It is not your usual power point presentation The speaker uses 20
This was a very engrossing book I found it a mixture of manual and enthusiastic explanation for the use of Pecha Kutcha in classrooms of many sorts the multiple video references extremely important to emphasise that all important visual element which aids learning, and teaching As an ex primary teacher of 11 12 year olds, I can easily see how useful it might be for using as part of the spoken language element of the English curriculum Power Point Presentations by my pupils were used to demonstrate their IT skills in conjunction with the Spoken Language requirements, though to a restricted time Speaking for 6 minutes is a daunting prospect for such a young age, indeed for some people of any age, but what I liked about the Pecha Kucha was the emphasis on the spoken element rather than the text on the slide which tends to accompany a script The tight time frame to work to, whether it be the 20 x 20 Pecha Kutcha, or a revised timescale
I will boldly admit that prior to picking up this book, I had never even heard about Pecha Kucha Honestly, I am fascinated by this concept and wonder why I haven t come across it until now Thomas Jerome Baker does an outstanding job in crafting a rock solid case for this amazing technique He keeps his explanations direct and concise, and that in and of itself, lends to the methodology behind the idea of PK.I was most intrigued by its application while utilizing Power Point We are a society of instant gratification and this has certainly edited our attention spans By using Pecha Kucha we can make the most out of an allotted short time span Brilliant The author provides many links to substantiate his claims Mr Baker has clearly gone to great lengths to be certain that his readers will come away from this book with a full and complete understanding of this practice Even to the smallest detail For example how to pronounce the words Don t worry You will learn
Pecha Kucha English Language Teaching by Thomas Jerome Baker presents a compelling and fascinating case for a ten year old presentation and teaching technique, called Pecha Kucha Although I no longer prepare presentations myself the technique of using 20 slides for the duration of 20 seconds each makes a lot of sense to me.To me the most important and convincing aspect is the comparison with power point presentation In my opinion, images are so much mroe suited to convey information, especially since social media and the information age have reached such epic proportions of data being thrown at us every minute of the day.Baker gives a detailed description of the history and background of the method, its varied uses and advantages He also discusses the best ways of preparing a Pecha Kucha and its best applications, particularly in English Language Teaching, and discusses the implications for ac
I heard about that Pecha Kucha method lately, so it was pleasant and interesting to me reading something about it Honestly, I thought that Pecha Kucha was another boring method to learning languages quickly, but it turned out that it s a brilliant way to involve any kind of audience when doing presentations or generally speaking speeches Pecha Kucha is based on slides and get the attention of your audience by making them the real protagonist of the matter you re exposing Through brief visual slides you re able to impress the information you re delivering into your attendant s minds without being boring Mr Baker applied it on the teaching of English language and I found it absolutely brilliant As a constant
A Must Read for Educators, Presenters, and Other Professionals Everyone can benefit from this exceptional book about a fairly new 10 years methodology for presentations, called Pecha Kucha Thomas Baker does a phenomenal job explaining and making a compelling case for using Pecha Kucha in a teaching environment He informs the reader using a style that is easy to read and understand He covers the topic thoroughly without being boring or pedantic The reader may breeze through or take his time and contemplate Afterwords the same text will be useful as a r
A Must Have for all English TeachersI wish I knew about this book while I was still an English teacher The author delivers his instructions on Pecha Kucha with humor and most importantly, clarity that it almost feels interactive It also makes it very easy to follow for anyone interested in emulating his style of Pecha Kucha.As a former teacher, I can see how wonderful this would have been as a guide in the classroom However, I can visualise this as an important tool in any environment where presentations are important As a mother looking for new inventive ways to teach her kids, I can see how I can customise the advice in my own home My children are always having to give presentations in class and with the instructions in the book, this would greatly improve their confide
I was a teacher for almost ten years and the my first thought as I started reading Pecha Kucha and English Language Teaching was I wish I had come across this during my teaching days I love the wonderful way that Jerome Baker has set out his book It follows the principles laid out by this method of teaching He has incorporated images, sounds with his links and words to make a complete whole The transition from one idea to the next is smooth.I am truly taken up with this methodology, and am surprised that I have not come across it b

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