Daughters of Buxton

Daughters of Buxton The Black Utopia Is What It Was Dubbed In The Papers.Buxton, Iowa Was A Coal Mining Town In 1902 Built By A Visionary Businessman, It Was Home To Black, White, Immigrant And Native Families Peace And Cooperation Reigned.Into This Unusual Mix Came Lucinda Vanderberg, German Immigrant Daughter Of The New Century She Was Independent, Self Sufficient And Full Of Ambition The Last Thing She Needed Was Love.Soft Spoken Vanetta Washington, Born To The Sons Of Slavery, Was Plucked From The Virginia Hills To Make A Home For Her Husband And Children In The Cold Midwestern Mine Country.To Lou And Netta It Seemed Inevitable They Were Drawn Together By Adversity And Likeness Of Mind, And Together They Made A Family But Not Everyone In Buxton Thought They Should. This book was a nice find for me I m still on an early 20th century reading kick and downloaded this book really without reading the blurb I just hoped it would be a decent book Daughters of Buxton turned out to be one of those books that wormed its way into my psyche and I couldn t put it down Even when I did have to put it down for RL chores and job, I couldn t stop thinking about it and the characters.I ll be honest, I ve written and re written the review for this book many times.I even posted one for a few days I really wanted to give this book justice since I loved it I finally decided to take down the review and rework it again Almost everything about this book affected me on some level It s so complex and covers a lot of interesting history and issues for the time it was set in It made me think a lot, about life then and these characters lives I struggled for a few weeks to whittle down the review to a decent amount but couldn t After leaving it up for a few days I realized I gave away too much of the story and it s better for everyone to experience the depth of it for themselves So I m trying again.The first thing that grabbed me about this story was the detailed description of this
I took up reading this book because I was only aware of Buxton, Guyana and I was curious as to what Buxton, Iowa was like for Black people Prior to reading this book I was not aware of situations where White and Black people lived and worked together on such a grand scale without hate So of course, I was a bit apprehensive Throughout the book I kept holding my breath waiting for a lynching or an angry mob But this in book there seemed to be only space for love and caring for neighbours Of course they are characters who spewed hate but I didn t know of a community of Black and White people during that time which wasn t segregated So the historical aspect m
Historic novels aren t usually the first thing I pick up to read, but good story is a good story Daughters of Buxton is a great story It isn t the first of Ms Bundy s books I ve read I enjoyed The Overlanders even though I felt the pacing was a little slow or perhaps my attention span a little lacking But I really enjoyed Daughters of Buxton As all writers hope to do
I am in awe of the talent and dedication the author brought to the story Her rich details made me feel like I was walking along the characters as they lived and loved in an Iowa at the turn of the century I really enjoyed seeing how the story unfolded and how the characters grew The book takes the reader down into the danger of coal mines, out to the ball games with the excitement of summer baseball, and around the dinner tables of family crea

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  • Daughters of Buxton
  • Kathryn Ewers Bundy
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  • 05 December 2019
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