Dead Heads

Dead Heads Not All Drug Dealers Are Prolific Salesman And Money Geniuses However, Stic Broke That Mold When He Became A Criminally Minded Pharmacologist Add In A Hint Of Technology, Which If Used Properly, Could Propel Him Into The Next Decade But What Happens When He Formulates A Man Made Drug Called, Mind Bend, That Is Powerful Than Crack Cocaine And Methamphetamine And Renders People Under His ControlThey Could Become DEAD HEADS His Plan Is Fail Proof, Or So He Thinks. Wow what a ride, really enjoyed this story from page one Let me start by saying that I bought this book almost a year ago just decided to read it I m so disappointed in myself cuz this book could have easily taken me out of my book funds that I ve been experiencing lately.Now onto the goodsStic is a controlling money hungry man who has zero respect for anyone human The lengths he went to to demean everyone in this book m
I actually think I am being generous by leaving a 3 star review for this book.It definetley was not worth 7.99 and I am really disappointed w this book.When I bought the book I guess I had a different idea in mind about what the s
Man are kidding me I hated the ending but I guess all books can t end with a happy ending I was so mad that it didn t turn out the way I imagined but this was one crazy read.

[PDF / Epub] ✑ Dead Heads  ☄ V.J. Gotastory –
  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • Dead Heads
  • V.J. Gotastory
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780984993024