Homecoming (Finn McCoy, #1)

Homecoming (Finn McCoy, #1) Finn McCoy Is A Paranormal Handler He Handles Things That Ordinary Paranormal Investigators Can T Or Won T, And He Often Ends Up Cleaning Up Behind Them.For Fifteen Years, McCoy Has Turned His Back On His Hometown Of Shallow Springs, Virginia, And The Dark Secrets The Town Harbors But Now An Evil, Unstoppable Force Has Been Unleashed On The Unsuspecting Residents Of The Town, And McCoy Finds Himself The Only Thing Standing Between The Town And Total Destruction. Finn McCoy is a handler, apparently meaning that he handles demons and the fey, keeping humans who don t know these threats exist, safe from the monsters People are disappearing from Shallow Springs, the small town McCoy grew up in, and the sheriff grudgingly calls McCoy asking him to come back and help.Paranormal thriller Yes It can also be described as horror as the Sluagh are nasty Fey creatures who want to take out the entire town and they are definitely not something you d want to run into.I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well this self published book was written, especially in comparison to all other self published books I ve read There is a very well rounded professional feel to it.The story flows well, describing the various settings, the people involved, their thoughts, fears and actions with both good world and character building I had to go back and look to see if credit is being given to an editor as it felt very much like I was reading a book that came out of a publishing house I really like the major characters and the fact that they are far from perfect Finn, our main hero, is capable and determined, but in his forties his body is obviously not as agile and pain free as it used to be And his girlfriend, Amanda, has a vested interest in his safety and is than willing and able to get in the middle of the actio
IMO the best part about this book was that the main character wasn t some 20 something perfect rock star No smoldering eyes No rock hard abs No lustrous hair, waving in the breeze He was just a dude A dude with skills and an aging truck And oddly enough, I enjoyed the adventure.This is book one in a series I knew that going into the book When I reached the last page, the mystery wa
frightening what goes bump in the night. A 3.5 star read.This was a surprisingly fabulous read that I picked up as a freebie from Kindle Australia Extremely well written with a pacing style that kept you glued to the story and the pages turning quickly The characters were wonderfully lifelike no escaping with barely a scratch for Finn and the plot varied enough from the norm
I loved this book than I expected Fast pace, maybe not as creepy, but there were demons, mystery, and a little bit of magic Oh and I loved the romance between Finn and Amanda Definitely planning on reading the rest of the series. I d probably give this a 3.5 if we could do half stars I really enjoyed the story and the character There were some places where I felt like the characters were a little cliched, but the action of the story pulled me right past that I ll be reading of these. Fairies, Demons and magic Oh my This book definitely had some slow parts and I almost abandoned it a couple of times But I m glad I stuck with it, there were a couple of surprises in the end Overall, a good read. Fairies, demons, magic, missing kids, murdered adults, crooked Sheriffwhat s not to like about it The chemistry between Finn and Amanda was great John Talbot, well, didn t see that coming I think i m going to enjoy the series. Nasty little faysThis adventure was exciting and full of surprises Loved every minute of it Plus it has a happy ending and a promise of to come. 3.5 good start I will definitely read book 2.