The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #1)

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #1)Fifty Shades Of Grey Meets Jenny Han S Summer Series In This Sizzling Account Of Attraction And Betrayal There Was Something Wicked About Beau That Drew Me To Him What Was Wrong With Me Why Did I Want To Sin So BadlyAshton Is Getting Tired Of Being Good, Of Impressing Her Parents And Playing Ideal Girlfriend To Sawyer Vincent Sawyer Is Perfect, A Regular Prince Charming, But When He Leaves Town For The Summer, It S His Cousin Beau Who Catches Ashton S Eye Beau Is The Sexiest Guy She S Ever Seen, And Even Though He S Dangerous, Ashton Is Drawn To Him.Beau Loves His Cousin Like A Brother, So The Last Thing He Wants To Do Is Make A Move On Sawyer S Girl Ashton Is Off Limits, Absolutely That S Why He Does His Best To Keep His Distance, Even Though He S Been In Love With Her Forever When Ashton Wants To Rekindle Their Childhood Friendship In Sawyer S Absence, Beau Knows He Should Say No.Ashton And Beau Don T Want To Hurt Sawyer But The They Try To Stay Away From Each Other, The Intense Their Urges Become It S Getting Way Too Hard To Resist. DNF at 35%This was me from 1% to 30%30 34%35% except I didn t throw my reader through the window, only on my bed but you get my point Well I don t know what to say about this book other than I m VERY disappointed in how the story went.From reading the blurb, I kinda got the idea this would be a forbidden love kind of thing, they were in love but couldn t be together cause she was dating his cousin for three years now.No forbidden love here cause the MCs don t actually give a sh t DDon t know why the boyfriend angle is even there cause it makes absolutely no difference with the relationship between Beau and Ash, only making them absolutely sh tty characters for doing it.But OK, I have to admit, I loved the first 30%.Just loved, it was swoony, Beau is absolutely amazing and I wanted to read everything from his POV 3 But then came AshLet me tell you something about her.She is dating Sawyer for three years, and doesn t want to have sex with him.Newsflash woman, when that happens YOU BREAK UP WITH THE GUY and NOT plan to have sex with a guy you re friended five days ago.I think that s what killed the book for me.I could deal if it was you know, the heat of the moment, they had this attraction and they couldn t help themselves, ok fineBut here s how it actually happened Ash made plans to have sex with Beau while her boyfriend is out of town with his family he s a good guy btw.And she made clear to Beau tha
image error I ve buddyread this book with my lovely sistah Beatrice Click her name to read her beautiful review of this book The Vincent Boys is a sweet and adorable NA story It s light, quick, and easy to read One of the reasons why I opted to read this book is because my love for Abbi Glines is immense I fell in love with her Rosemary Beach series, and although this book wasn t exactly as good as Rosemary Beach, it still surprised me.I love Ashton and Beau s story At first I was so skeptical because of the love triangle thingy and the involvement of the major character Sawyer and especially the fact that there was cheating involved, but believe me when I say that all of these things did not matter as I ve read the book because there was nothing seriously heavy about the story The plot was simple and the peaceful setting was enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.This book was not perfect i
This is one hot and steamy story Don t plan on doing anything else when you start this I found I couldn t put it down I apologize up front for the over usage of s and all around gushing Ashton, Beau, and Sawyer were inseparable childhood friends Beau and Sawyer, the Vincent boys are cousins, but its Ashton and Beau who are close These two are the town s little hell raisers, and Sawyer is the one usually bailing them out of trouble, and encouraging them to mend their ways All this changes though when both boys began to notice Ash in a different way Sawyer is first to make a move, and Ash, thinking Beau isn t interested in her in that way, accepts him So they ve been the perfect couple for the last three years He s the star quarterback, son of a respectable businessman Beau s uncle , and always beside her at church on Sunday Ash struggles to be the perfect girlfriend, always worried that she doesn t measure up to Sawyer She squashes out the urges she has to have fun, go wild, and have some heat with her boyfriend If she shows some of these urges, Sawyer does his best to squelch those tendencies Beau on the other hand is as wild as he ever has been He s the son of the wild Vincent brother, who died years ago Sure he s on the football team, same as Sawyer, but he doesn t care what people think, and doesn t p
4,5 stars Well, I didn t expect this I thought it would be some sweet YA story, but it was quite hot, damn , in those few sex scenes, Beau was deliciously dirty Anyway, we have Ashton, who apparaently chose to date wrong Vincent boy few years prior Now, her boyfriend the good and proper one Sawyer Vincent is out of town for the summer and she spends it with Beau Vincent his cousin, the town bad boy The three of them used to be best friends but ever since Ash and Sawyer started dating, Beau became distant But it was Beau who was her partner in crime while doing crazy things when they were kids While the summer goes by, Ash and Beau get close again, they rekindle their friendship and even Saw
First off, Abbi Glines is amazing.Secondly, ok, let s be real About half way through this book, I contemplated putting it down Not that the story wasn t good, but because I was so emotional about it and I didn t see a way for anyone, not anyone, to have a happy ending I was saying to myself, Abbi, how dare you You hook me and then break my heart But of course, Abbi knows how to finagle a story The way she brings all things in, all people, all walks of life makes for a beautiful story Though it may hurt me to read it all, it was beautiful nonetheless.Anybody who knows me at this point knows I don t like love triangles I just don t like to read them, for some reason it doesn t sit well with me I m not terribly fond of Ash Anyone who has the mentality of I m gonna do what I want to do because I ve got to follow my heart and I don t care who s hurt in the process grates me.BUT She s real She s human, she s just like thirty girls I knew in high school She s just spent so long trying to please everyone but herself, trying to figure out how to make everything work in harmony, trying to be who everyone wants her to be, and for the love
I haven t written a review in months, but I feel so strongly about this book I can t help putting down my opinion here.Oh my.Is this a book If it weren t from the fact that it was free I d be pissed And I thought it would be a safe bet.Where should I start from The tons of grammatical mistakes The terrible, terrible dialogues missing all punctuation The story so similar to Liz Reinhardt s Junk Miles which she managed to write way better The unbelievable plot where a girl stays for three years with a boy while she secretly is in love with his cousin The lying, double faced heroine who was supposed to have a backbone Or the conservative fathe
4 Sexy Stars And THAT is how you handle a love triangleAbbi Glines astounds me Her writing is so consistently brilliant and the excitement in turning that first page always makes me feel as if I m unwrapping a gift Her heroes display the perfect ratio of bad boy and sweetheart qualitiesand those sexy Vincent boys are no exception That said, I still find Abbi s characters to be distinct and vary considerably from book to book never giving me the feeling that I ve met a character before in a different series The Vincent Boys Extended and Uncut basically takes the original story and spices it up with generous amounts of delicious, New Adult steam If you re an Abbi Glines fan, you know just how detailed and realistic these jaw dropping, eye popping, mouth watering scenes are Brilliant Ashton is a preacher s daughter striving for perfection, but never quite feels connected to the innocent persona she s created in the hopes of pleasing her perfect boyfriend, Sawyer I loved seeing her growth in character, and her bumpy journey to self discovery Sawyer Vincent represents good and kindness simplicity and safety With the perfect parents and home life, he seemingly has it all even the beautiful Ashton Trouble can be a lot of fun It s the straight and narrow that ma
Too much angst and not enough romance But I 100% only read this because i wanted something light, corny, and obnoxious, and this definitely delivered that even if the relationship was a bit dry and upsetting because it was based on cheating when in alabama, bang your bf s cousin while he s away for the summerthe end