The Staff of Kyade

The Staff of Kyade When Royal Soldiers Attack His Village In Search Of A Magical Relic, Kenji Watches In Horror As All That He Loves Is Destroyed Determined That They Will Not Get What They Want, He Takes The Staff They Seek And Flees, Vowing To Avenge All Those He Lost As Soon As He Can. I liked the fairy tale format, but as it has been mentioned on other reviews, the modern language and expressions kind of ruined the effect Also, the main characters seemed all too eager to die for each other, maybe the author should have thought about them living for each other. Honestly yo, I thought the characters were cool The idea of people being brought together by tragedy and falling in love was deep It truly embodied the phrase everything happens for a reason I love the whole idea of putting revenge aside and just appreciating what you have and that life could be wo
When royal soldiers attack his village in search of a magical relic, Kenji watches in horror as all that he loves is destroyed Determined that they will not get what they want, he takes the staff they seek and flees, vowing to avenge those he lost as soon as he can. Chose not to finish as I didn t like the characters Didn t work for me, moved on to better fare. 2.5 stars Language was much too modern feeling to suit the story A distraction.