Going For Broke

Going For Broke Growing Up On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Victoria Vernon Knows The Sting Of Living With Less In A Town Of More She Also Knows That Living Well Is The Best Revenge, And Through Brains, Beauty And An Advantageous Marriage, She Not Only Lives Well, She Lives Downright Spectacularly Until The Day That The FBI Shows Up On Her Doorstep And Seizes Everything She Owns She S Left With No Money, No Friends And No Resources, And Her Only Option Is To Move Back To Her Mother S House In The Town She Vowed Never To See Again.Coming Home Is Worse Than She Could Have Imagined Forced To Navigate A Past She Didn T Want To Confront, Children She Barely Knows, Her Estranged Mother And A Determined FBI Agent That Is Convinced That The Path To Her Thieving Husband Is To Her Front Door.In The Hilarious Romp Going For Broke Victoria Learns The Hard Way The Really Quite Humiliating And Pathetic Way, If You Ask Her That A Life Filled With Private Jets, Society Galas And Millions Of Dollars Is Not Necessarily One Worth Mourning And That Sometimes Stripping Life Down To The Bare Essentials Is The Way To Find Your True Worth. This book was just okay Not bad, but not really interesting either The middle seemed to drag on and on and the ending was predictable Honestly, I probably should have quit 1 2 way through, but I just can t seem to leave a book unread. lots of typos but okay book if you can get past the typos. Victoria was the girl from the wrong side of a wealthy town so after college she knew that she was never heading back thereever.Having married the right man, Victoria had a life of leisure She belonged to all the best clubs, had designer clothes, dined at the best restaurants, had staff to attend to her needs, her children attended a prestigious private sch
rich girl who has never worked loses everything because of her scoundrel husband victoria has to make hard choices for herself and her children all while wondering what did her husbabd do a story of finding ones self. Nice free ebook Interesting to see what might happen to a NYC socialite who is forced to return to the Midwest and a world she spent so much time running away from Didn t find the FBI character as interesting or realistic. It was a free eBook, and you do get what you pay for This book was full of grammatical errors and missing words, and it had a very predictable ending But, it was entertaining enough that I did finish it. I enjoyed it Not a fantastic book, but a good quick read. too many errors in spelling and grammar cute story A few grammatical errors but not enough to disruptreally good story very light hearted, funny, and emotion provokinggreat read I loved this book It shows how superficial some lives are and how through adversity we can find ourselves again I loved e characters and how Victoria found her true self again