Rada Rada Is Not Happy When Her Wedding Day Arrives In The Year 3000, Nothing Is Left To Chance Divorce Is Rarely Heard Of A Female Went From Her Father S House To Her Husband S The Marriage Is Conducted By The Marriage Committee Females Are Observed, Tested, And Rated Only Males With Suitable Ratings Are Permitted To Bid For The Privilege Of Marriage Half Of The Fee Collected Goes To The Government, Half To The Bride S Father For Raising A Girl Rada Is Spoiled, And Does Not Wish To Marry, But Her Father Remains Firm In His Determination To See Her Well Placed.Zade Waited Until He Saw The Redheaded Beauty Dressed In The Gold Dress Of Brides, And Caught His Breath She Was The One She Carried An Air Of Defiance That He Found Appealing, And Knew That She Would Not Easily Bow To His Authority In Short, She Was Perfect And Rare In This Era Of Compliance He Wanted A Feisty Woman Who Would Keep His Life Interesting He Placed His Marriage Bid With The Confidence Of A Man Who Knew What He Wanted The Taming Of A Beautiful Woman Book Length 11 Chapters 44,247 Words Main Characters Rada Young woman at the age when all women are forced to marryZade The man who chooses to pay the highest wedding price to marry RadaSynopsis Rada wants to be an independent woman and own a florist shop instead of marrying the man who pays her father the most or the one he selects Unfortunately in the society in the year 3000, no woman is allowed to be unmarried and every woman is judged solely on how well she can keep house Zane wants to have a strong, defiant wife and selects Rada as his perfect mate.The story tells of their wedding and first few months of marriage.My Thoughts I really get frustrated when I read books where the author s vision of the future places women back into a situation where they have no rights are only considered valuable by how well they clean a rug or do laundry I would hope that by the year 3000 society would actually have come to recognize the individual strengths that each person brings to it rather t
This is a really good story based in the future where women are expected to marry and only certain men can have the priviledge of bidding for a wife Rada has no desire to be married but as lenient as her