Bound By Torment

Bound By Torment This Is A Story About The After Effects Of Abuse The Bruises Of Abuse Fade, But The Emotional Damage And Torment Remains I Was Abused As A Child And Lost Five Years Of My Memory Now Twenty Six Years After The Main Abuse Ended, I Live With The After Effects Of PTSD And OCD. I finished this book in no time flat I totally related to what the author, Nancy Baker was talking about I am too a survivor of sexual assault and child abuse and I have had issues for years with anxiety probably PTSD and most definitely OCD I too am an advocate in spreading information to the masses about how one survives and goes on liv
I can t even put into words how this book has helped me I thought for sure that the author was telling my life story That somehow she knew ever little detail about my life and just laid it out there in front of me