Nights Reckoning (The Executioner, #412)

Nights Reckoning (The Executioner, #412) Dead Men Don T Talk All Hell Breaks Loose After A Balkan Warlord Escapes From Prison Days Before His Trial But The Right Wing Group Behind The Breakout Doesn T Want Him Alive They Want Him As Their Dead Martyr And They Aren T The Only Ones Sent To Retrieve The Man Before They Can Kill Him, And Keep Him Safe Until His Court Date, Mack Bolan Has A Big Job On His Hands The War Criminal Could Cause Trouble For The World Leaders Who Funded His Cause, And They Will Do Anything To Keep Their Skeletons In The Closet With Enemies Coming At Him From All Sides, Bolan Knows He Can Trust No One, As His Opponents Possess Intel Only Someone Inside The System Could Have Whatever The Obstacles, The Executioner Will Stop At Nothing To Guarantee Justice Is Served. 100 pages in and this is the worst Bolan book I have ever read The author has no idea who the characters are The relationship between Brognola and Nolan is like a veteran cop and a rookie Brognola is constantly treating Nolan like a low level employee in Walmart Horrible book. 412

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Nights Reckoning (The Executioner, #412)
  • Andy Boot
  • 08 December 2018
  • 9780373644124