The Body on the Beach (The Weymouth Trilogy, #1)

The Body on the Beach (The Weymouth Trilogy, #1) The World Of The Haut Ton With Its Idle Chatter, Assemblies, Restricting Conventions And Hauteur Was A World Away From The Harsh Reality Of Life For The Masses In Georgian Britain Kathryn Miller, Despite Being A Landowner In Her Own Right, Has To Work Alongside Her Servants, Walk Long Distances To Town To Undertake Her Commissions, And Suffer At The Hands Of An Abusive Husband Who Gradually Deprives Her Of Everything She Owns Salvation Appears In The Form Of A Body On The Beach But Will She Grasp The Opportunity That This Represents And Accept The Consequences Or Will She Remain Steadfast To Her Marriage Vows And Face A Life Of Misery And Uncertainty Instead I downloaded this book a few months ago and read it this evening Normally, I read what I consider to be typical regency romance novels and the title of this book caught my attention During the first half of the book I really enjoyed the characters of Kathryn, Andrew and little Bob However, there were several things in this book which were very disturbing to me Spoilers It is beyond my comprehension that a man of Andrew s character could continue to socialize with men like Giles and Mr Brewer after they were so rude to Kathryn and taunted her sexually in Mr Brewer s home Also, most disturbing was the fact that Andrew was so eager to sample the charms of Miss Brewer just a few hours after he had visited Kathryn and nearly begged her to leave her abusive husband and go away with him Yes, he was foxed, but his delight at her attempted seduction of him ruined the book for me.Although the abuse Kathryn suffered at the hands of her husband and u
As a History fan, this rather sweet novel ticked a few boxes by offering a little slice of Georgian life the slower pace of day to day living, the social hub of local hotels inns, and the Christian morals Further, the author doesn t hold back on showing the reality of a woman s lot two centuries ago.Ultimately, there is a pay off to the heroine for her pain and believe me, there is a lot of it to be had by the final chapter However, even the least intuitive reader is likely to have seen many of the plot twists and devices coming several chapters previously It began to feel quite hurried by the time we get to the final scenes and although the publishers appear to have touted this as something other than romance, it is what it is.For me, this is the kind of escapist novel which still allows the reader plenty of room for their own head space If you are the kin
this is one of those books that makes me devoutly grateful to live in these modern times, and not 200 years ago, when, if you married, what was previously your property was now his, to use, abuse, or squander as he saw fit, as happened in this book a wife was her husband s property as well, and he was within his rights to beat her if he wished, and the unfortunate woman had NO legal recourse it was also rather frightening to realize that you could start out the day with a house, a child, and an income, and by the end of the day be left with nothing
I really like Lizzie Church s books This book was no exception This is a tragic love story that reminded me a lot of a Thomas Hardy novel There is one particular character in this novel that is loathsome and I kept praying all throughout the book for his demise There were some twists and turns in this that I wasn t expecting The
I thought this was going to be a light read, but it nearly had me in tears Everything just kept getting worse and worse, and the description of a certain character just felt way too close to home.